Best pregnancy test?

what is your favorite pregnancy test? Is it true you should wait Until morning to do the test? I’m very eager but not due for my period for another 3 days.


I waited like 5 to 6 days to take one when I was pregnant with my now 2 year old son

If you’re testing before period is missed morning pee is best. Dollarstore tests have all worked for me at night, after missed period…

I used first response 4 days before an expected missed period… results were accurate :slight_smile: …I’ve also used dollar store one’s but didn’t get positives w those til I actually missed my period

The doctor or health department

Yes wait till morning cause your urine is the strongest an that’s the main time you have to pee a lot

Walmart 88 cent tests 100%


dollar tree pink tests. morning pee.

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If you test early, try Clear Blue. If you wait, a dollar store one should work just fine. Don’t expect accurate results on an early test because they are not 100% until you miss a period.

Dollar store. They are really sensitive.

I feel like if you’re pregnant you’re pregnant. Morning, noon, night shouldn’t matter when you take a test. I’ve taken them all different times and get the same result. I’ve taken a test 4 days before my period was due to start. I took it in the evening positive. I mean I never understood morning is best you’re pregnant you’re pregnant? :woman_shrugging:t2:


Clear blue, but not the electronic ones, that way you can keep your test in a momento box and its gunna last for the sign

First morning urine has a higher concentrate of hcg. So best to test with first morning urine

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Not necessarily morning, you just want to wait until you haven’t peed for a while. For most women, that’s morning time.

I’ve used all dollar tree tests

I love the ones that clearly say PREGNANT/NOT PREGNANT. No worry about whether you see two pink lines or not!

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Dollar store tests and first morning urine

I used clear blue digital with both of my girls and tested in the middle of the day almost a week or more before my missed period. And both were accurate. Love that they say yes or no. No guessing with lines

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I tested positive with a $1 test around 7pm and was only like 3-4 weeks the Dr said.

Anything that doesn’t have blue dye lol. I tried the target and Walmart store brands (which ironically is the exact same test :thinking:) and had a faint blue line pop up. 1st response and Walmart $0.88 nothing at all.

First Response Early Result gave me a positive 6 days before missed period. They are expensive but most sensitive on the market.

Any test, early. Anything early detection.
Morning is best. It will say so in the instructions for the test