Best pregnancy workouts?

Okay mommas odd question but ive never really worked out much. I’ve really been in the mood to for months but ive always heard u shouldn’t start a new workout routine if you are not used to it while pregnant. Is this accurate? I’m not trying to run miles but id like to do some light weights, squatting, resistants bands and possibly swimming. Do you think this is okay? I’m just short of 36 weeks. I cant wait till baby is here to go full force. I am over weight. About 209 right now and only 5’4 but right now i just want to work out to feel a little better and get some energy


Since nobody here knows anything about your health, pregnancy, etc, you really should be asking your doctor this question. Good luck :blush:


Walking in moderation is good. If you aren’t on bed rest or restrictions, the cardio does help.

Check out Kayla Itsines.

While it would be best to consult your Dr prior. Light weights and cardio would be ok as should the swimming. Id be cautious about the squats until a little closer.

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Same! I’ve been working out after my baby. Squats are great

Talk to a trainer and your dr Hun

If u talk to your doc and get an ok they have pregnant yoga. Which also calms u

I would recommend light walks. It really helps ease labor. I wouldn’t work out or lift weights

Swimming did wonders for me!! It took pressure off my body, helped me excercise my arms and legs, and doc said it was a great idea because I had been on bed rest my entire pregnancy. I started swimming at 7 months pregnant. Part of me thinks that’s why my son survived. Lol. It’s silly, I know. But it was great and made me feel great.

I would check with your doc.

I was high risk and high blood pressure i was told an elliptical a bike and tredmil were fine it would help reduce blood pressure i did it 3 days a week that worked till i was 32 weeks then preclapsia got to bad and baby came im sure light exerzise wont hurt wouldnt do lifiting

Call your local hospital and ask if there is any workout programs for pregnant women. Your best bet…

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Betty Smith is rightt. I don’t think being submerged in water, i.e., tub, pool, is the best idea at this time. Ask your doctor if Bety’s suggestion does not get you satisfactory answers.

I started mid pregnancy with a trainer and was fine. Just ease into it

If you were moderately active daily before you were pregnant I’d say you’re good to swim, do small sets of the squats and stuff. Stay away from cardio.
start off going easy and build your whole routine up from there.
and if your working out make sure your adjusting your eating/nutrition to keep the lil’ bun healthy in there. Lol.
Your doctor can provide a list of safe and helpful exercises for you.

I wish I had that level of enegry I’m 29 weeks and I can do is work, sleep and very slowly do a couple of chores a day. All of which leave me sore and breathless.

Go walking and start the workout after the baby comes

Never too late to start very moderate routine. Yoga is a relaxing way to work into exercise, especially when you are this far along

I swam when I was early pregnant n i walked a lot with my job but my dr told me if u didnt workout before don’t recommend u start now doing some small minor things might be okay but I did pregnancy yoga n it was amazing!!

I’m in the military n the military has me to pregnancy pt it’s a lot of stretching which is really good for your body

Swimming and walking would be fine. I wouldn’t suggest weight lifting right now