Best shoes for wide toddler feet?

My son is 14m and just started walking. I cant get any shoes on him because his feet are so chubby if a pair of shoes does fit I have to have the thinnest pair of socks on him. In that case its been 10-20 degrees and i may as well just double up his socks and put no shoes on so his feet are warm. Where can i get shoes for chubby wide feet?


Ugg baby boots. Even two sizes too big will be easy for him to walk in and he can have for a while. The only shoes my babies can handle are uggs and I always size up

New balance makes an extra wide shoe

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Stride Rite comes in wide and has cute shoes!

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Sketchers! My son has wide feet only shoes that fit him good

Billy Shoes or Stride Rite

Always got new balance wide for my son

Pediped Footwear.

Freshly Picked.

Ten Little makes a good shoe for beginner walkers.

Sketchers, Crocs, New Balance

I swear by Converse for my wee one

Our ikiki are pretty wide and they open up really well

Hey dudes worked good for my son or crocs lol

My daughter wore, Skechers, stride right and new balances.

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Baby adidas aren’t too pricy and they have ones that are thinner stretchy material but still a great walking shoe for toddler!

Stride rite and Kswiss. Some vans and sketchers

Baby moccasins without the rubber bottoms! Just the leather bottoms, will allow his chubby feet to fit yet protect his feet as well! Best foot covering for baby!


Stonz boots and shoes were awesome for my babies chubby feet

He can go barefoot will be better than shoes

When my nephew was lil and had super chubby feet we found a pair of stride rites at a thrift store like new. They likely never were never worn on a walking baby or much at all. but they had velcro and were very wide. I did eventually find a pair of velcro wide toddler shoes at Walmart for him a few sizes up and he wore those for awhile. He is 9 now and his feet are normal Sz lol thank goodness.

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Stride rite is what I used and what a podiatrist recommended for my two chubby/wide footed kids.


We never could find any for my granddaughter. She had the chubbiest little feet. They looked like pigs feet.


my 2nd baby had wide fat feet as a toddler. a family member then told me about Payless shoe store doing a size service for this reason; we could go into the store she’d pick out the ones she liked and they’d take her size info and send in a request order for the correct size in wide abd they’d call us when they were in.
sadly, Payless isn’t near us anymore, if you have 1 near you- or any type of shoe store- maybe calling around to them and asking If they offer anything like that could be helpful?

Surestep shoes. Striderite shoes. New balance comes in extra wide.

Try these!! Bearbay Baby Rubber Sole Non-Skid Walking Sock Shoes,Baby Shoes&Sneakers,Gifts for Newborn Infants Toddlers Boys Girls

We do new balance since they come in wide !

My son had that same issue, for us it was Buster Brown shoes, a total godsend

His feet will slim down as he starts to walk. Small chubby feet are a classic sign he’s probably not walking unaided yet. If you go to a proper department store where they fit shoes you should be able to find shoes in an extra wide fit (H) fitting. Clarks and Startrite come to mind. If his feet are measuring wider than that, it’s perfectly fine to go up half a size to get them to fit as long as you remember he’ll outgrow the width before the length.

Don’t buy canvas shoes, crocs or trainers as they can encourage feet to get wider.