Best sippy cup for weaning?

I’m a mother of 3 I have a 10 7 and soon to be 1 year old, my too oldest went right to a sippy cup after getting them off the bottle after they bit into the nipple and made a big hole. My son who is about to be 1 in couple weeks refuses a sippy cup I had went out and got nipples after nipples for his bottles I had enough of replacing the nipples every couple days. My question is what is the best sippy cup to start him off on ? A few of my friends and family said the all of round 360 cup and others said the one with the nipple like but he refuses to take that no matter how hard I try and this has been going on for almost 2 months now what is the best sippy cup to try.?


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Teach him how to use a straw instead of a sippy cup. Sippy cups are bacteria magnets.

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I took all bottles away from my son at 1 years old. Throw all the bottles away. You have to stop giving the bottle to him. he will eventually drink from whatever sippy cup you give when he’s thirsty. Try both the 360 cup and munchkin gentle transition sippy cup with handles.

We went to straw and open cups. We started with very little water at 9 months old.

I’m personally not a fan of sippy cups. They have become so much more intricate over the years. There are so many more parts to clean than the old Tupperware ones that I used when I was a kid. The one we ended up using was by Nuby. It was just a simple plastic cup with a silicone top that was a straw. It was easy to use and easy to clean. His speech therapist actually recommended using a sippy with a straw, because it helps to build the muscles in the mouth/cheek area, which assisted in helping him form words. This is similar to the one we used 8 or so years ago.

My son uses munchkin he did good it has a straw

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