Best sippy cup?

Please help! Best sippy cups?? Trying to get this Lil man away from a bottle! I’m catching hell… :confused::face_with_head_bandage::pensive:


360 cup Walmart sells them.

Nuk…I tried probably 8+/- brands and styles before I got to this one and it’s the only one he will use

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My son was the same way we bought him a nuk cup with handles from the dollar store and he took right to it. Every baby is different though. My daughter dropped her bottle for any cup.

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To be honest I had to just buy and try quite a few until I found what my kids liked

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Parents choice walmart cup. Super cheap and very easy to clean

I just used the cheap walmart ones. The more pricey ones ended up being kind of a waste at first. Best advise I can give is to take away the bottle cold turkey. Had to with my 2nd, she was stuck on bottles like obsessed… was a hard few days but well worth it. Once they know they aren’t getting it they’re more apt to take a sippy also (at least my kid was) I had to throw all her bottles away tho cuz it was like she new I still had them.

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Munchkin weighted straw or 360. Best sippys

I have a cupboard full of nuk, gerber, 360, everything walmart, food lion and dollar general sells…I found the avent one with the handles and he actually uses it! It’s shaped like their pacifiers. Amazon has them, you get two.

Both my kids used this kind getting off bottle my son is 10 months old and uses these out three day and bottle at bed

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Munchkin miracle 360!! Best thing ever.


My son loves the nuk brand the soft ones


We just use the parents choice brand. They’re only like $1

I know this is crazy, but I find the fruit shoot bottle at spoons so much easier for my lil one to use. Whatever you do, stay away from John Lewis, the cup I got from there is awful.

unless the baby preparing for school or something other than home let the baby have the bottle as long as it makes them happy. kids are too rushed on growing too fast these days. my opinion/feeling. They are only little for a very short time and life is rough enough after that. So i say let them be as they will until then. :heart:


Honestly, any sippie cup will do. You don’t need to get the most exspensive or the most acknowledged or whatever.
They all do the same thing.

I started my LO on soft silicone sippy cups then when she got used to it (and ruined a couple caps) we switched to hard plastic

These 2 were amazing. I transitioned my son to a sippy cup, and completely ditched the bottle at 10mo old.

Left is Nuby and the right is Nuk! I highly recommend them for transitioning no matter the age. :blush:

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Nuk they have sippys with replacement nipples if he chews it up

We love the 360 cups. Thats tje only ones we found to not leak unless they throw it down


The mam ones are amazing transition sippy cups!!! Totally give it a try! It even has little handles

The silicon sippy cup lids on amazon. Turns any cup into a sippy

My daughter likes just about any but her fave is a hard spout she only used the soft spur ones for a month and we tryed the hard spout and she likes them

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Gerber!!! They dont leak!!!

Cheap and comes with straw or sippy lids. Don’t leak and since they are so inexpensive doesnt break the bank when they have to be tossed.

See if the brand you are using has the transition nipple. I’ve been giving my 8 mos old the transitioned mam cup. And today he drank out of a normal cup :roll_eyes::rofl:

Ones that look like bottles but arent and then eventually sippy cups…thats how we managed it…he was almost 3 before he wanted a sippy cup.

Not exactly the same but as close as i could find rn.


The only thing that didn’t leak for us is the Thermos brand sippy. What’s nice is they stay cooler longer, too.

Whatever you get, watch out for the ones with little nooks and crannies in the lid or the spill proof part, those are the worst to clean. We went with Nuk when my little ones were transitioning from bottle and then up to first years now that they are older!

Transitioning from a bottle tho u wanna go with the nubby! Its soft spout makes it seem like a bottle. Easier to then transition to a hard spout. #momofa12yrold #nannyof5

Dr. Brown’s has a bottle that has a new sippy cup top that fits right on the bottle worked great for my two-year-old at the time who refused to give up the bottle because when he held it is felt like a bottle but I had a sippy cup top couple months using that I’m switching to a regular sippy cup that felt the same in bam now he’s in sippy cups

These worked great for both kids to transition!

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Yes the nuk sippy is what I used to transition! Its soft lile a bottle but shaped like a sippy!

My son uses 360 durring the day and playtex sipsters at night.

We bought sippies that had soft silicon nipple like mouth pieces at first. It’s like in between a bottle and a sippie cup. Then when she got used to that we would get the others. Now she takes any. I think Nuk is the brand we started with first.

Nuk transition cups. I had the same issues cause mine didn’t wanna learn how to hold a bottle till she was 1. She’s now 22 months old and nuk is the only cup she will use at home. When we r at home she likes to lay down while drinking. Mine hates the hard spouts. We have bought so many cups she won’t drink out of.

360 makes it easiest to transition into “big boy cups” once they are ready for that

Its gonna be different for every kid. The kind i used for the oldest…my youngest HATED. Trial and error. Lol. My little one loved the NUK brand.

The 1.97 Munchkin sippy cups w/ the soft nipples are the BOMB

I like mam sippies! They’re the only ones my son was alright with to get away from bottles. He would use others but throw a fit over it. Mam ones he instantly took to and he was off a bottle officially the first day.

My little one has been the the hard spout first year cups. He started thoose and didn’t have an issue giving up the bottle

I use parwnt choice sippys. My daughter has been off the bottle since 11 months.

We do the 360s as well but for milk my daughter has always preferred the take and toss sippies (awesome too because they are super cheap!) the 360s are used during the day and at night in bed though and she loves those!

Just toss out the bottles n tell the kid they are all gone…give him a sippy cup