Best sleep sacks?

My baby is 2 ft tall/long and 2 months old and 12 lbs she’s wearing a sleep sack and needs to be wrap up hand in all but she’s out growing the swaddle from hospital it says size newborn to 3 months!! I have tryed just sack that don’t wrap her up but they don’t work yet what can I get been 5 years from last baby so things have changed a lot


Halo sleep sack has a bigger size- I had the same issue with my baby & we just sized up to the 3-6 month sleep sack so he could be swaddled too

Those swaddle sacks from the hospital are awesome

Dreamland sleep sack. They also have a thing you can swaddle her with

A regular old sized baby blanket … Just use a bigger blanket :woman_shrugging:t3::grimacing::tipping_hand_woman:t3:

Amazon has sleep sacks for 3-6 months. Get those. My baby is also over 2ft tall, 2 months and 15 pounds and he fits perfect in them!


Nested bean! Safe for when they roll too and not too thick and hot

Halo sleep sacks are good!

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I would do something like this. Zip baby right in it, arms and all and they will feel snuggled.

She’s asking about sleep sack swaddlers, not blankets. I don’t know why everyone is answering “use a bigger blanket” like she is stupid. Obviously, if she wanted to use a blanket, she would probably just do that. I preferred the swaddler sacks myself, too. You don’t have to worry about it unwrapping and the baby suffocating and it holds them more securely. Try looking on Amazon for some larger ones!

Babies tend to outgrow the newborn phase after 2 months, so a sleep sack really doesn’t fit well for bigger infants

Halo sells different sizes