Best slow flow bottles?

My daughter is almost 3 weeks old and needs a very slow flowing bottle. I’ve tried a few bottles but most flow too fast. Currently using Dr brown with a preemie nipple. Does anyone have any other recommendations on a slow flow bottle or a brand that also has preemie nipples?


I used Dr. Brown preemie but I would have her head propped in my arm and would slowly pull it out a couple of times during feeding. That helped us. We still use them when she’s sleepy and eating at 7 months old because she likes to chug it :joy: then choke…

Avent I think is what they were called , the lowest flow nipple . That’s what I used for my son because he had horrible reflux

I have always used Nuk brand for bottles, binkys, sippies everything. They have fast and slow flow and I felt the slow flow were great where I nursed and bottle fed

MAM preemie is slow. You have to order them but they are good. We used them exclusively with my son

I had to switch to Phillips Avent from Dr browns for this exact reason as well the preemie was even to fast

You may have to order them but Similac, Medela, Bam and Nanobébé all make slow flow preemie nipples. If you Google them, there’s probably other brands that are worth trying, depending on what type of nipple he likes. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Years ago, he’s 22 now, my sons dr told me to add 1 teaspoon of rice. (If he could tolerate it) It added enough to slow the flow along with the oreemie nipples I had. He was about 3-4wks. It slowed it enough, for him, that he didn’t have to work as hard to stop, avoid choking, etc. Not sure if they’d advise it now but it helped him. :heart: