Best smart watch for kids?

Does anyone have a smart watch for their elementary aged kiddos? I am looking to get one that has calling capabilities but can also be controlled from my phone to shut off during school hours. My 8 year old has been desperately asking for a phone but I do not want him to have open access to everything on the web. I also don’t think he is quite ready for the responsibility of a phone when it comes to keeping it away at night time or for school. Any suggestions to a smart watch that I can control from my phone? I’ve looked at the ones on Amazon but I’m not sure which one to get and the ones that look like they have everything also seem to have terrible reviews. Thanks in advance!

You can get a plan set up so he doesn’t have data just calling and text. Now that my 9 yo is staying home alone more, we are getting him a phone for Xmas. Nothing to expensive. Doesn’t need the top notch right now lol. Just something we can get a hold of him on.

I been looking for a good one to. Thought about the gizmo watch but it has bad reviews. And I need 3 watches so don’t want to spend a fortune on them if there no good.

We love the Gizmo watch. We got ours through our phone plan with Verizon and it is only $10 a month to add it to our plan. We have full functionality from our phones to control everything our son does. It even has GPS locator. And I love that it’s attached to him… not something that he can set down and lose.
It was only a $100 from the start. Then the $10 a month. No additional data plan.
We’ve had it for 2 years now and it has been a life saver.

Do you know you can control your child’s phone from your phone? My kids have phones. All games & video apps are blocked during the week. Their phones will only call & text a few numbers I’ve approved. They can’t Google at all. We use kiddle as a search engine. It blocks inappropriate content. My kids are more protected on their phones than they are on the school issued Chromebooks.

I’m not saying this to deter you from a smart watch. It’s just that if you’re looking at watching over phones for more control that not true.