Best soap for sensitive skin?

What kind of shampoo/wash do you mommies recommend for toddlers who have sensitive skin? I’m using Cetaphil, but I don’t like the way her hair feels after 1 or 2 days. I want something new.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best soap for sensitive skin?

Dove baby. Leaves my son’s hair so soft and shiny

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Eucerin I used for my daughter eczema prone skin.

Aveeno fragrance free. My daughter had horrible eczema all over we switched body wash and lotions and it has worked wonders

I use the wash from Gracefully Natural
but for the hair I use kids suave

They still a lot of all natural things a lot for women but they do have something for the kids and men

Dove and for lotion Aveeno Eczema

Tubby todd! I love their stuff

Aveeno creamy wash and occasionally I’ll put some Shea moisture natural conditioner in her hair

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Aveeno fragrance free or the Honest shampoo brand (found at Target)

Shea Moisture Coconut wash and shampoo

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Always aveeno or dove, cetaphil is for the face, maybe hands, never the hair

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Honest Kids from Costco

Hello Bello works great! It’s plant based

We use shae moisture or burts bee

Baby Aveeno is made with chemicals. We use Burt’s bees products. Goat milk products are great too

I use aveeno shampoo and cetaphil moisturizing body wash on my daughter.

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I use the aveeno creamy oatmeal wash sometimes dove sensitive and the aquaphor medicated lotion

Make sure the body wash/shampoo has zero fragrance to it. For lotion, i strongly recommend CerAve. My son has very sensitive skin and it took three years of trying absolutely everything and nothing working when a totally different doctor (one that removed the cast off his leg) suggested cerave. I swear by it. I also don’t wash any of his clothes with ours and I use a fragrant free detergent.

Eucerin baby hair and body wash. We’ve also been able to use hello bello baby shampoo and body wash at times. We had to stop using Aveeno and cetaphil; both were causing reactions and cradle cap.

Aveeno, Honest and hello bell have been great

I like Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap. You dilute it depending on the use. For hand wash I do 1:1 soap liquid and water, probably increase the water for baby. You can use it on skin, hair, to wash your laundry, floors, anything. Comes in several fragrances and unscented.

The body shop had a baby rang. I had to use that on my daughter from being tiny until she was 5ish. Might be worth a look??

Honest unscented/sensitive

shea moisture or burts bees

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best soap for sensitive skin?

Regular Soap you weak cunts

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best soap for sensitive skin?

The lush shampoo bars and their daily conditioner is fantastic for little babes skin!

Aquaphor has a great baby wash. Helped mine with her eczema

My son has eczema and we used Aveeno. Loved it.


Burt’s bees (love the light scent) Aquaphor, Aveeno, baby Dove

We use goat milk soap and lotion for my LO who has very sensitive skin


After my daughter turned one her skin became SO sensitive. I use Free & Clear Shampoo and Conditioner and Dove body wash.

My daughter uses Dove Baby for her body and has since she was born. For her hair we have used So Cozy brand shampoo and conditioner. It’s a kids brand and it worked great for her hair until it got really long (around 3.5 for mine) we then switched her to the curly Pantene.

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Aveeno is all I could use on my kiddos

The only thing worked on my boy was baby dove head to toe body wash

Dove sensitive body wash

i use irish spring bar soap. i have really sensitive skin and it doesnt bother me. i also use ivory plan bar soap

If you want real non-toxic clean soap for the entire family that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg you’re not going to find it on any grocery store shelf. Unless you’re getting something like castle soap. Every company on the grocery store shelves is owned by the bigger corporations that change recipes and have lawsuits for lying. We shop with the wellness company. High quality ingredients at affordable price. They have baby shampoo/wash and also RENEW wash and lotion which is safe for all and scientifically proven to work 10x faster & more effective than Eucerin. I don’t sell anything directly but I’d be happy to share! :slightly_smiling_face:

I was advised by my daughter’s paed to try glycerine soap… we’ve tried so many products…it’s all about trial and error

We use dove hypoallergenic sensitive skin for body and hair. I also have Aveno.

Hello bello is amazing. My sons skin is super sensitive and has serious eczema and his dermatologist said it’s a good one to use.

Baby shampoo/ body wash

Live Clean for shampoo conditioner and body wash…they even make hand soap :slight_smile:

QV bath oil in the water
And QV wash.

Honest brand baby body wash. They sell the big bottles at Costco :kissing_heart:

Content Not Found Best Products ever!!!

Baby Dove is amazing


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best soap for sensitive skin?

Hello bello or Burts Bees are both free of artificial fragrances, safe for baby and ideal for sensitive skin. We use them both for our little who has a bout with eczema.

Aveeno. It smells good. And they make a fragrance free one too.

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His dr recommended aveeno baby :blush: it had seemed to help a lot!

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I use Beekman 1802 pure (no scent) Goat milk soap and shampoo/conditioner

My son has sensitive skin. Burt’s bees has worked well for him.

Our youngest has eczema so we use baby dove for all three of our now was using Johnson Johnson lavendar

I use Aveeno for my baby or child’s farm

Try Dr Bronners…its for body n hair and comes in a variety. Been around forever!!!

My kiddo and I have eczema, I used aveeno when she was younger but we both use live clean now

We have tried so many and just started using QV gentle baby wash and so far so good for our little babe :heartpulse:

I love the hello bello.

Aveeno or honest company sensitive

My two year old has super sensitive skin and I’ve been using oilatum for her since she was a baby… works best for us…

My daughter has eczema! The non fragrant white dove soap bar is the only thing that works! My doctor recommended it as well. I used ceraphil too and it made her hair feel coarse. For shampoo I use dove baby shampoo or baby bum

Shea Moisture Kids for her hair and either Dove baby wash or Aveeno baby wash for her body.

Shea moisture baby wash

I use Sanex for kids on my lil boy. I found it best for him but all babies are different x

Aquaphor baby soap its a life saver

Dermatologist recommends CeraVe

Check the Mother daughter soaps page!

I always loved aveeno until I tried monet for babies/ kids it’s amazing and a little goes a long way. If your interested in trying I can always send I the girls number that I use to get mine! The product is great

honest has always been good to use. i like the orange.

I get goats milk soap bars from Tarpon Springs, FL. We got custody of our granddaughter while we lived there, and it was magical on her neglected skin. We still have it shipped to us in TN.

My kids use my herbal essence shampoo and conditioner (3,1) my 16 year old uses Raw Sugar products. For soap we use aveeno eczema wash (walmart brand is cheaper) we also use the Walmart brand Gold bond eczema cream after and coconut oil for faces.

I used the Lavender Aveeno when my daughter was younger and it was amazing. She had very sensitive skin. She’s 4 now and can use regular kids shampoo but I buy her this bubble bath/wash because the Mr bubble/Elmo/etc ones from the grocery made her itch.

Dove for sensitive skin i what i used for a long time for my daughter

Dr bronners baby hemp soap is amazing! My son has horrible eczema and it helped clear it up!

We use the pure beginner’s range for my granddaughter

All natural homemade soap, if u must use soap at all. Shea or cocoa butter for moisturizing. All " baby" soap on the shelves is garbage.

Is J&J Baby Shampoo not a thing anymore?

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My daughters GP prescribed Aveeno… did nothing for mine. For me personally, I also hated how it smelt… very wheaty. Child’s Farm worked wonders, available from all major supermarkets, Boots, pharmacies etc. No more eczema that you can see with the naked eye.

Vanicream for our eczema filled household

Dove has nice baby products. I use it on my 2 and 5yr olds.

Our Farmasi line! Pm me for details.