Best socks for newborns?

Recommendations for newborn socks that actually stay on their feet? About to have my 3rd baby and still don’t know what brand to buy


Wonder Nation cuffed socks

For my girls I did thick tights type things with feet. They don’t get runs like normal tights, they’re more like leggings. And tbh, I don’t think anyone would give it a second thought if you used them on a baby boy.

Put stockings on them under their clothes. Their feet will stay covered and they can’t pull them off.

Carters thick fleece socks only ones that ever have stayed on my babies

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Footie pajamas, kinda what they’re made for
If just the feet are cold you could use a thin pajama with sock underneath

Keeping socks on little one’s feet? Ah ha ha ha! :socks: :foot:

I bought trousers with feet and gave up on socks completely. I had a winter baby and actually they coped fine in warm clothes with no socks most of the time.