Best stage 2 car seats?

Hi, I’d just like to ask for recommendations on the other mama’s favourite stage 2 car seats? My baby needs an upgrade.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best stage 2 car seats?

Any type of 3 in 1! I have a Graco and I love it!!

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I love my Graco 4ever! And also the Graco Extend2Fit is great

Graco 4ever all the way


Britax car seats are amazing! Thr instal is the easiest and most secure! Safety is great too!

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We used our Graco extend 2 fit from birth on! My boy is now in a backless booster since he’s starting kindergarten and needed to learn to get in and out quickly for school

I love the Evenflo 360, it’s great if you have a toddler who is difficult at times about getting in their car seat lol

Definitely anything graco. I have a graco slim fit and 2 graco harness booster seats and I’ll only buy graco car seats now. I had a safety first grow and go at one time and hated it; we could never get it tighten down properly and the harness was no easier. We are currently shopping for a back booster seat for her my kindergartners grandparents car and it’s more than likely going to be graco

I have evenflo everystage.

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