Best sunscreen for babies?

Hey mamas! ftm here, I was wondering if any of you have any recommendations for baby sunblock? My baby is currently one month old . I know most are not recommended I talked to my pediatrician and he said to just try to keep him out of direct sunlight but if absolutely necessary to use zinc oxide which is found in destin diaper rash cream. I heard a lot of moms talk about using baby genics, since the main ingredient is zinc oxide do you think this would be okay? I’m mainly concerned about vacation at the beach (he’ll be three months by then) we’re both fair skinned so I’m worried about him burning (we already have a long sleeve swim shirt and sun hat for him) but we decided we won’t take him if we can’t find some form of (safe) sunblock. Any products I should look into or advice would be Grayson appreciated! Thanks in advance!


I would buy a tent/canopy and keep him under that


I use babyganics on my son who is pretty fair compared to me & his father. He’s never burned & it’s always been amazing.

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Neutrogena products or Aveeno baby

Sun Umbrella type products are great & coconut oil.

Just test a small amount on his skin first to make sure he doesn’t have a reaction

Neutrogena baby is what we used on our sun! It works amazing and isn’t oily.

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I’ve always used aveeno baby for my son. He’s 4 and I still use it. He’s fair skinned like me and will burn easily. I think so the swim shirt, sun hat and buy one of those little shade tents and try to keep him under that much of the time unless you’re actually in the water. For being in the water I’d look into mesh baby wearing to keep him super close.

I used Neutrogena on my fair skinned red head.

Water babies is what i put on my daughter when she was 2 weeks old we took her to Savannah

They have zinc oxide Walmart brand sunblock! Pretty pricey

Get a beach umbrella. I always used the 50+ baby stuff

Here is what the AAP recommends. It says to use a sunscreen that is atleast 15spf, only if adequate clothing and shade are not available.

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Carry an umbrella, big as possible and insist on using it over baby. Keep him cool too. Babies overheat faster.

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Honest company sunblock

Just so you know most babies get chemical burns from sunscreen before six months…even baby sunscreen. I would suggest not risking it.

Keep in mind… Even with baby safe sunscreen… Babies don’t sweat to cool well and can get overheated, still risk sunburn under umbrellas from glare, and at that age don’t enjoy the beach…

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From experience, taking a 6 month old to the beach. It is hard to deal with or do much of anything and they stay hot and cranky. Lol. But I used neutrogena baby and it worked absolutely amazing.