Best sunscreen for kids?

What is the best sunscreen for kids? We spend a lot of time outside and want to make sure they are protected


Coppertone sport baby/kids

Personally I think Target Brand is the best!! I buy it every year and we all use it :slightly_smiling_face:

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 we use hello Bello

We use Badger brand. Zinc oxide is the main ingredient and it’s free of cancer causing chemicals found in most brands. Badger Mineral Sunscreens with Zinc Oxide - Reef Safe Sunscreens


I love a good spray sunscreen for kids. Quick and easy to apply, just remember to rub it in.

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I have always used copper tone sport sport 30, per the pediatrician and dermatologist

Blue lizard, I went to thailand for 2 months and never got burned a single time.

Hello Bello works great!

Aldi sunscreen I have found is the best for me. Natural red head I put it on before I leave for the water, when I get there and then every hour. I also try to use shade and a hat and if in the sun all day will cover with a towel and I’m generally fine when I get home

Apply a lotion SPF before going out as a base layer. Then you can reapply with spray spf.

Banana boat, copper tone, honest

I like the Neutrogena spray for kids.
My son has sensitive skin and this is the only one that doesn’t irritate him.

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My daughter has eczema and breaks out with most sunscreen. Dr recommended blue lizard, aveeno baby, or cervae. All three work great. Dr also said amount of spf doesn’t matter past 50. It’s the reapplying that matters.

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Banana boat baby 50 sunscreen …I have all redheads with fare skin best out there …

I like to start with a cream (I like Neutrogena dry touch) and use a spray to reapply. Plus either get swimsuits with sleeves or have kids wear rash guards on top (basically long-sleeved swim tee shirts). Lands End has good ones. You can also get swim bike shorts for additional coverage. I also get floating sunglasses croakies to protect eyes. Kids always lose or toss their sunglasses so the croakies will have them float so you can retrieve them. Also somewhat effective are foam visors to help protect faces. Again, they’ll float so you can grab them when they come off. I think I got them from Oriental Trading Company.

Another tip for being in the water with girls: get two-piece bathing suits when potty training as taking off a wet bottom half is easier than peeling off a wet one piece and then yanking it back on in the bathroom.

We use Hello Bello. We have been using it nonstop in Florida and it’s done its job! We also live in KS where the sun is harsh, and no sunburns.
Badge is another good brand!

Your best bet is to keep them covered up. Rash guards, T-shirts, hats or visors, maybe even swim capris or leggings, or long board shorts so you just need the knees & lower leg & feet covered. Land End has lots of rash guards in every size.

Look for sensitive skin/infant/baby options in sunblock. Mineral based ones are generally good. Maybe do a test patch with several products before going in the sun to see what the reaction is, and use the one with no reaction.