Best supportive and comfortable bra?

15wks preggo and literally can’t wear a bra without it causing me to be short of breath. So uncomfortable. Someone PLEASE drop links of comfortable AND supportive bras for larger breasts. The one maternity bra from Target is comfy I guess but makes my boobs look so wide and low. Don’t care about price at this point. Idk what size I even am now. DD? DDD? Currently in the car driving to family and had to take my bra off


You need to go up fair few back sizes especially if you’re breathless. My cup size didn’t change. I wore a 38 back whilst pregnant and a 30 back afterwards!

Go to someplace (I went to Victoria secret) and get measured. Then you’ll have an idea of what you need


If it makes you short of breath it’s too tight. Does the cup size you have work good? If so you need to go same cup size(c,d,dd) but bigger like if you wear a38. Try a40 or 42… and voice versa. If cup size is too small go bigger.

I wear Shapermint and LOVE it

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