Best tablet for kids?

Any mamas got the amazon fire 7 tablet for their kids? It says I have the one year free time unlimited. I figured it mean my daughter could go anywhere without wifi to watch the pbs app etc. Unfortunately when out it doesn’t connect. Is there movies I can buy in there so she can watch in public or something? I know this might not be such a mom baby question. But it’s so hard in public trying to get errands done with my two year old, I thought this would be a lifesaver :disappointed:


We have it. And I purchased Mickey Mouse episodes and Frozen then downloaded them to the kindle on WiFi and she can watch anywhere without WiFi or service now!

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You can download Netflix and downloads shows and movies onto it and you can watch the downloaded things without Internet


Turn your mobile into a wifi hot spot should be in the settings she can use your data then :slight_smile:

I connect my girls tablets to my phone’s hotspot while we’re away from wifi. Or download movies/shows from Netflix.

If your cell phone has a Hotspot you can use that for WiFi when out

Free time is only available with WiFi but some of the games can be played without… download movies or shows to the fire then she can watch those anytime…

I deemed it a waste for my 5 year old. Only reason I haven’t replaced it is because I can’t afford to. He had another tablet I was replacing with it so we still use that one.

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I love my kids kindles and so do they. I have a hot spot on my phone (2nd row, 3rd column in pic) and my kids connect to it like they would wifi at home. You go into ur kindles settings (just drag down like on a phone to get the screen I pictured. This is a Samsung phone but the kindle looks alot like it. Ull b able to figure it out lol) and turn the wifi on. Then she’ll be able to watch whatever. Also do you have a Netflix acct? If not, get one, if you read the menu you will clearly see where it says downloads and it walks you thru downloading shows and movies for her to watch so u don’t have to use any data.

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Be careful about turning your phone into a hotspot to use wifi on a different device. It’ll use your phones data and they could end up throttling your data. We have an unlimited data plan but when we tried that the first time for our son, he used so much data they throttled ours and we couldn’t download anything on our phones or watch videos and browse Facebook.

If you have Amazon Prime you can download shows and movies to watch without wifi

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Yes my sons love it we have a kids case on it my son has thrown it across the room hasn’t broken

Netflix. You can download content and play it with no wifi.

I ended up using my mobile hotspot on my phone actually. Or using Netflix and downloading the episodes.

I use my hot spot from my phone when we need internet for my kids tablets out and about

I download movies or shows from Netflix

Netflix, you can download new ones whenever you want

Thanks for all the input ladies! Should I just take it to Best Buy where I bought it and ask geek squad about how to download the Netflix and all that? Lord I’m just not tech savvy…

You have to download games that don’t need wifi. As far as I know you will need wifi to watch movies too unless you have a way to download it onto the tablet specifically, but that can waste memory space. I suggest using a hotspot or the stores wifi.