Best tablet for toddlers?

What toddler tablets are moms getting? I need one that can screen lock when playing Netflix or Hulu. My child loves to touch the screen while Netflix plays. I don’t want to spend the money to get an iPad.


We have the fire . Very durable!

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We’ve had multiple different tablets & honestly, the iPad is so much better than any tablets we have had.


She never asked y’all whether she should or shouldn’t get one. She asked what KIND would be better. They start getting electronics in kindergarten. My 11 year old got a chrome book (from school) in kindergarten.
ANYWAYS, my kids have all had iPads. We tried others and they just weren’t the same and didn’t hold up the same. As a working mom of multiples, there are so many educational games that are great for when I can’t always sit down and work with them.


I have an app called touch lock lite works perfectly

The others are subpar compared to an iPad.

Why does a toddler need a tablet?


Samsung Galaxy A7 lite I think is what my 4 year old has. It’s on kids mode too so he can’t surf the internet!


Fire tablet, 200 bucks, free replacement, connect to your phone or tablet for safety . Love it . Easy to use too!

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Does apple screen lock … Cause I didn’t think it did

Fire tablet. We’ve only had issues once and amazon replaced it no questions asked.

Nothing holds up like an iPad. I can’t tell you how many Amazon fire/off brand tablets we’ve been through. Buy refurbished or on Black Friday.


We only do a tablet when we travel and I will say iPads are getting cheap! Shop on Facebook Marketplace or favorite resell spot … but it works so well and pairs so easily with headphones (Apple got that part right)

Also if you travel the cheap travel mount hooks on Amazon are worth every Penny!

We do games while people board the plane and we use Bimi Boo app there’s a lots of dragging and touching the screen (I kind of feel like this gets this out of his system lol)
For shows we download at home Netflix (show of choice right now is Ninja Turtles but we keep a couple of others such as shark dog and puss and boots) then we don’t have to worry about connectivity

Hope this is helpful it’s not exactly what was asked but I would agree with prior comments I think the iPad is a staple for a reason

With all the studies now, on how screentime negatively affects brain development, my answer is none.

Seriously? A toddler doesn’t need a tablet. That’s a lazy excuse.


Look for amazon fire tablets. Our boys have them, decent quality for a good price.

I got my granddaughter a kindle fire and it has been a great tablet she’s had it for years

Fire tablet
Has a kid site and can put restrictions it.

So i have a galaxy tab, my youngest has an amazon fire tablet and my oldest has an ipad. iPad wins hands down!

Kindle fire 8 has a screen lock and it also has a great case you can get it off Amazon.

I’ve tried a few different ones but honestly, the iPad is where it’s at.


Samsung Galaxy with a heavy duty case :blush:

Netflix should have a thing that says lock on the bottom near subtitles

Amazon fire. I found my son’s at a pawn shop for $50

It doesn’t “lock” on Netflix, but the Amazon Fire Kids is great because it has thousands of free learning games and books. And not just generic stuff, but also Disney, Blaze, SpongeBob, Peppa Pig, Gabby’s Dollhouse etc and you can also add streaming apps

Tablets for toddlers? The best tablet for a toddler is no tablet, babies don’t need screens. Just saying.


Stop propping your child up with a screen. Get out of your screen and play with you child or watch a kids movie with them.

 Getting a tablet for toddler is not a bad thing (they learn a lot) the problem is when you use it as a babysitter and have not control or limit the time they can use it.

This is for all the judgemental moms commenting