Best thermometer?

Does anybody use a thermometer for their baby that actually works?
I’ve tried multiple different ones. I bought a 50$ one thinking it would work, but I compared it with the dr and it was 4 degrees off! It was Braun thermoscan.


i use the safety first, rectum one- no issues

The forehead and ear one work great

I use the braun ear one and its always accurate.


The backside of your hand should work?

Little ones 2 and under should use a rectal thermometer for the most accurate readings.


I have a forehead and ear one

We have a mobl ear one and it works great.

I have an ear thermometer. I usually take it 2 times though just to double check.

I use the pacifier one

I have the Braun ear one, and it’s accurate on my 6 yo, but never on my 10 month olds. So it may depend on that. Ear ones don’t work well for babies usually. Our doc told us not to use it on the babies, to use the rectal type either rectally or underarm.

Oh gosh i have this issue too. I just take my sons first. When hes not sick. And then worry if my daughters is alot higher . :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:

Depends on how the temps are being taken not just the type of thermometer! The doctors and hospitals always told me for the most accurate temp do rectal temp! I was too uncomfortable with it with my first but her fever would always read higher or lower than it was and it always cause confusion at the doctors! With my second I decided from the get go that it would be rectal since that’s how the doctor and hospital would do it if he needed to go anyways and it has always been accurate! Also if you give medicines before going to the doctor it can cause the temp to go down or if you dont give meds the temp can always rise!

I use the cheap ones from Wal-Mart and they work just fine

I use fever Frieda and it’s awesome. Sticks under their arm with a bandaid type of cover and reads to your phone, worked wonders when the kids were super little or when they have a bad fever for a few days, gave me peace of mind through the night!

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I use the ear thermometer. They sell them at target, kinda expensive but worth it!

We have the braun ear one and its works amazingly well

Usually for oral temp you add 2 degrees to what the readout says.

I used a rectal one on my kids til they were two…never had any issues no matter the brand. I switched to a Braun ear one but have been thinking about getting the one you swipe across the forehead.

My little boy has febrile seizures and our Doctor recommended I get a Fever Frida iThermometer … It’s amazing

I have a forehead one I got from Aldi