Best time to take a pregnancy test?

Losing my mind here on whether to take a pregnancy test or not . Me and my fiancé have been trying for a baby and taken pregnancy tests before when I had thought I could be pregnant and got our hopes up and were disappointed in the end which is just so frustrating and is very draining for both of us . I Know for sure this time I am late though I just don’t know exactly how many days late I am & I believe I had a bit of implantation bleeding a couple days ago , which never happened even with my last pregnancy . I just don’t know if I should wait a few more days when March is over For sure so I don’t get my hopes up , or take one now to be safe .


If you are ALREADY late it’s safe to test. Most pregnancy tests detect up to X number of days before missed periods so if you’re already late, it should be fairly accurate. Good luck :two_hearts:


You can test anytime after your period is late. But test first thing in the morning when the urine is more concentrated! Good luck :crossed_fingers:t3:


You need to relax and just let it happen we had something similar with baby number 4 and in the end I just kept taking my vitamins and thought when it happens it will within the next month I was pregnant… stress can do all kinds of things to your body including late periods and light bleeding… if this month is not your month and you havent already then use an ovulation app and that will be able to tell you your most fertile days as well as period tracking mines have all been fairly accurate good luck I hope this month is your month :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Pregnancy test have some so far. I was a little over 2 weeks and mine showed up on the digital. Hoping you guys are positive :smiling_face:


Stress can cause a late period n can also cause break-though bleeding also. I suggest waiting a couple weeks after your missed period to take a test and do it in the morning with your first urine right when you wake up. I hope you guys are pregnant. But if not just know not to stress out about it and also remember it’ll happen when the timing is right.

See for me I would have to get blood test done
The ones you use the pee on or in wouldn’t for me
I bleed up to 6 months along
So it’s was very nerve racking
If you feel off in any way get the test
Stress will through your body into all kinds of stuff
Have fun let happen on it own
But live and have fun and forget about having that baby and let it happen
( I know it’s not easy especially when you wanna me a mom)
But relax and breathe

Use the flo app.
Put in your last period and it’ll tell you when you should get your next one. If you’re at least a week late, take a test.

Seeing ur late I would defo do a test… but Goodluck if U do, do one praying a positive for U guys x

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I tested 1 & 2 days after my missed period and both were negative. Went to the Dr the next week for something unrelated and they tested me there which ended up being positive. It just took a little longer for me.