Best toothpaste for sensitive teeth?

What tooth paste and mouth wash do you guys use for sensitive teeth? I always have had terrible teeth it just runs in our family sadly but after having kids I feel like my teeth no matter what are worse than before even when I floss , brush and mouth wash 2 times a day

Sensodine is a game changer for me. My family use crest, and I use sensodine and i felt the change immediately. My teeth are not longer so sensitive. Also, I got a tooth brush extra soft . And I brush my teeth gently. Also, visit the dentist once a year at least.

I use prevident, twice a day…it’s fantastic

Sensodyne and also I use crest for kids

You can chew xylitol gum in between meals and it does the same thing as fluoride without the chemical poisoning. If you want to look into it look into Finland’s dental industry. I refused fluoride treatment at dentist and a hygienist said to start chewing the gum in between after meals.

Therabreath toothpaste and mouthwash and a few times a week I use prevident 500 1.1% Floride if you have sensitive or bad teeth this is a game changer I order from Amazon