Best toys for dogs they cannot chew?

I know this is not a pet group but…does anyone have an idea on what kind of toys I can get my dogs that they wont destroy in seconds? I want them to have all the toys but they literally destory in seconds and i am tired of it lol


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best toys for dogs they cannot chew?

Raw bones are awesome, try Bully box for a month.

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Kong makes some durable dog toys. So far, my roommate’s puppy haven’t destroyed them… :woman_shrugging:


Bullymake boxes. I’m on subscription monthly.

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If they’re shredders, get an old pair of jeans and cut them up and braid and knot them.


My dog has a wheelie bin wheel :joy: best toy he’s ever had

 there’s a Facebook page called Canine enrichment…they got all sorts of toys and ideas…I make the easier toys

By gar best toys I have purchased are super chewer bark box subscription! If they do destroy a toy, they replace it with a tougher one.

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Please don’t get bones. For dogs that chews toys as quickly as what you’re describing, the bones are likely to get lodged in its throat. One of my dogs is a kangal. Her favorite toy is a log. She pulls them right off the pile. However, at night, she gets an XL Kong. I then stuff it with treats and and organic peanut butter. She loves it. Mind you, her bite strength is 743 PSI. It has held up quite well.

My tiny tubby corgi does the same thing! I’ve found Kong is really good, and they make stuffies and they so far seem impossible to tear apart. He’s 8mos old but has absolutely destroyed everything else I’ve bought.

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This! My dogs still have yet to make a dent with all the chewing they do on it.

Kong toys for dogs came highly recommended to me by a friend with large breed dogs.


Kong toys are a game changer

Kong toys are really good … and plse b4 you think about giving your dog bones or antlers or anything like that speak to your vet they will advise you NOT to as they can chip your dogs teeth and are not good for their digestive systems … most vets do not recommend raw meat diets either …


Kong Toys or Marrow Bones. Pig Ears are good. They can chew them up and eat it.

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I have 2 bulldogs. One loves smaller tennis ball sized balls and THIS ball has lasted 2 years, whereas others all have lasted 2 mins - 2 hours TOPS. For bones, this is the only one to make my list. Don’t get the black - it’s not as strong as the red.

KONG!! make sure you get the aggressive chewers.

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Not indestructible but yak bones
Frozen marrow bones
.at least occupy for a bit

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Kongs. No bones or rawhide

Do not do kong. They suck. I have a 50 pound pit who chewed through them in less then 5 minutes. I swear by these. She chewed the feet off but couldn’t get anywhere with the actually ball. And they squeak and continue squeak.

My boy loves the super chewer Barkbox toys

My dog loves empty water bottles. He can’t destroy them even though he tries :rofl:

I use kong for my dogs. One chews up a toy in seconds and they work great for her

We need to get toys for our golden that are for aggressive chewer. I swear they are like rocks lol and hurt when he drops them on your foot

My dog destroys everything but BullyBox toys and Duraplay toys you could try those!

Anything kong related

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Same issue here lmao. So I get them edible chew stuff.

Or get toys that have rope.

Kong is good for single dogs, they don’t hold up well with more than 1 dog pulling on them though. Still trying to find something my boston terriers won’t destroy.

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Amazon. Indestructible. My aggressive chewer has had this for over a year and it’s held strong. (Lab/boxer)
They’re also lifetime guaranteed.


the leather thin toys seems to last my beagle basset hound who will destroy things in 2 seconds.

Kong and tuffy we like

We have Kong tires and frisbee’s. Literally have had them for years they are super tough.

Bark box has a monthly box that is customizable for “ super chewers” , my lab gets one monthly and has for years. Bark box has great customer service too.

NONE. never found one my dog couldn’t chew. We let her play with them when monitored.

Kong is destructible my dog chewed up every size they had . Very expensive to . Tried bully box to he destroyed those . So his toys now are Bones . Good hard white leg bones you can fill with cheese or peanut butter. Buy Peter Pan nothing bad it in for dogs . This is 3 in my living room floor . 4 are outside he takes them in and out daily. One in my bed on his side one on my couch and bones in the doorway of my spare bedrooms. He gnaws on these constantly. Great for the teeth . Knuckle bones they can break and chew pieces off. It also keeps there teeth healthy . I had toys 20 years old from my other dogs . They played with them tossed made them squeak but never chewed them up . He destroyed a solid Kong ball . My dog is 5 now . Never chewed my house up just his toys . So I gave up buying them


I’ve heard a lot of good things about Kongs.I have a pit mix and a lab/collie.

When you find one let me know​:rofl::rofl: i would say Kong

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I LOVE the brand. I have a pitty and he is 7 and still a chewer and loves his toys

We usually just get big bones for ours. :woman_shrugging: The real calf or ham bones. Or whatever they are. They seem to last better. Only other toys they haven’t managed to destroy is tennis balls. Eventually they do but they actually play with them longer beforehand lol

I get these bones from tjmax they can’t get through em

I have 2 boxers who destroy all toys but this kong toy. The material is same as fire hose is made of. We just bought a second one after about a year.

Y bones are the only bones our labs don’t destroy in minutes and they don’t mess with their stomachs either

Bark box super chewer. I pay like $10/mth get a bag of treats and a couple little chew stick treats and an indestructible toy

I get my Rottweiler the bark box Nyla bone toys!! I just get them at Walmart 

Kong. Firehose toys. Unstuffed toys

Kong will last the longest but mine will have them in pieces within a week. All other dog toys only last a day…maybe.


Nothing really. Most things that’ll survive will break their teeth. I get my dog stuffiest from goodwill. They’re cheap and he has fun. It’s annoying sometimes but that’s part of having a dog.

Good luck to you! We’ve bought “indestructible” toys and our dog has had them in pieces in minutes. The only thing we have found that lasts remotely longer than anything else are the Kong balls. The really hard rubber ones that you put treats in.

Femur bones from Pet Warehouse

Rope toys from dollarama like the huge ones are very indestructible

Having a hard time with my corgi husky mix she’s 3 months just loves to chew lol

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Antlers, Nyla bones, and Kong

Best thing to give a dog to chew on is braai wood

Atwoods has one they guarantee for life. Doesn’t stop my dog from trying to kill it but we are I think 6 months strong and he still hasn’t killed

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Stay away from hard stuff like antlers and Y bones they will break their teeth. If you search on chewy you can find some tuff brands that are good. Bullymake, treads, and tuffy are all great brands that last.

Kong toys and raw beef bones

I get chew king balls from Amazon. My boy is a destroyer of toys and balls and these hold up. Can even put them in dishwasher if they get dirty.

Go to Mounds p t store they carry toys that a tougher for dogs that love to rip up their toys!

Bully Make box hard nylon toys are the best

Kong is good! I have a cousin that recommended these, she shows her dogs and they are big chewers too. She also study for a while at a veterinarian school; so I trust her in all her recommendations!

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Look for treats made of used fire hose.

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Keep them in the shop. No chewing there.