Best toys for toddlers in 2023?

I have 2 toddler boys. What are the “hottest” toys for 2023 that are on your list for the holidays? I need ideas!


I have a 10, 5, & 2 year old. They all love magnatiles, and the jumbo legos. My 5 & 2 year old love anything to do with play food. We have a play kitchen, food truck & ice cream truck and they’re all a hit with both!

Paw patrol toys are always a safe bet for boys and girls 

Our grandkids , 2-6 all love magna tiles

Lol get them what they like

No idea what the “hottest” toys are, but we love our Yoto players around here. That would be a great gift.

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Try asking the boys what all their friends are asking for. They will tell you what interests them. I can’t believe you don’t already know.