Best type of womens vitamins?

What is the best type of womens vitamins? i am getting older and know i need to start caring more about my health but there are so many different kinds and just want the best…

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best type of womens vitamins?

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You need to go to the Dr for advice. You don’t want to take meds you don’t need. Things like calcium, potassium, iron etc can be dangerous

Best advice is to talk with your Dr and have them run a panel to see your levels so you can find and balance deficiencies.

Magnesium and B vits definitely

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My doctor does not believe in them

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M0re Info.

Have a talk with your doctor and they will recommend which ones you should be taking. My doctor does labs every 6 months and we make adjustments as needed but I have MS so my supplements fluctuate. Good luck!