Best used minivan?

If you had to get a USED minivan what would you get ? I know Toyota is good but I don’t know much about other brands. Recommendations please!!!

I loved our GMC Safari. It was a work horse. Got it when baby #2 arrived in 1996 and we had till just after she graduated high school when the transition finally went out. That was one of the best vehicles we’ve ever had. And I recommend them.

My Honda Odyssey lasted me over 10 years! Well worth it. I went with a Dodge Journey 2 years ago with the 3rd row seat. Love it too!

Im looking at honda odyssey - reliable and has very convenient
‘Mom features’ such as a built in vaccum ect.

How many children in car seats? Dodges with multiple kids in car seats can be nightmare. If your looking for reliable, long lasting look at Toyota or the Honda Odyssey

I’ve had my Kia Sedona since 2006 & almost 200,000 miles we’ve had mainly inexpensive stuff done to it & maybe $600 repairs done twice but overall a great van. Instead of buying a new one I’m trying to convince my husband to keep it & replace transmission or anything else that might eventually break down. I researched and drive every van out there when I was first looking for a van, the Kia was more. Indy than any other van out there & I’ve loved this van from day 1, motor is so quiet you don’t even hear it idling, smooth & comfy ride, & has a great turn span. If you can find a used Sedona, I’d say buy it.