Best vitamin for kids?

My 1 year old sons doctor recommended to start my son on a multivitamin with iron because he’s not eating as much.
What vitamin did y’all give y’all little ones?


I have to do that with my 2yr old. I give her half of a Flintstone vitamin… Not sure if 1yr is too early for those or not.

Flintstone vitamins!!!

Flintstone vitamins they come in gummy now and there are ok for ur lil one to take 1 if approved by babies doctor

I never needed to give them vitamins luckily but be careful, some especially the gummies have added sugar!

Smarty pants organic!

I use flinstone gummies for my children

Gummy vitamin from Walgreens. They are usually buy one get one free

Enfamil Multi vitamin‼
I can mix it with orange juice.

I give my 2 year old paw patrol gummy vitamins, she gets 1 a day and loves them and gets excited when I’m getting it out