Best vitamins for kids?

Best vitamins for a 4yr old & 1yr old…My 4yr old has been exposed to probably everything possible(sickness wise) and I think it’s about time to start her on some vitamins. My 1yr old obviously is always with her sister and just recently started daycare so I’m preparing for all the sickness to come our way with her.


I just bought Smarty Pants.

I would definitely be checking with the pediatrician first for a kid that young. I was told to stay away from them that young. As far as a 4001 Dutchmans, use the powdered probiotic that you can mix in their drinks and is tasteless. We usually start around September and end around March. 

Mary Ruth’s toddler multivitamin & and infant vitamin drops!

Check with the pediatrician for vitamins for the 1 year old. I was specifically told not to start my son on them until he was 3. (I know every case is different, but just ask first). And vitamins will not stop any cold/flu/gastro/virus from happening. It’s a horrible part of daycare, but it helps strengthen their immune systems.
As for recommendations just Flintstones chewable lol.

Might sound weird, but how much outside time do they get? Playing outside and in dirt gives them access to a healthy micro biome and boosts their immunity substantially.

Vitamin C (make sure it doesn’t have ascorbic acid in it as it restricts the blood vessels leading to poor circulation). Vitamin D3 K2. Fish oil or a healthy fat (break the capsule and hide the oil in food). Vitamin B 6. Vitamin B 12. B’s assist in brain development.

I like Mary Ruth’s Organics they sell for adults and children and have kept my son healthy. We’ve used a variety of her products since he was 2, he is 4 now. He was in daycare when he was small and they helped a lot.

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The yyr old you can give elderberry syrup to,to build her immunity that’s what we gave our kids works better than vitamin C.As for the 1 yr old I’d ask the doctor.

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MELATONIN!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl: kidding we give ours the Childrens daily gummies

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We could not afford vitamins - what we COULD afford was fresh, raw fruits and veggies. The 5 kids were rarely sick!

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If she’s deficient in vitamins, get her to eat the right foods.

Mary Ruth and fortiflora probiotic

God created FOOD chuck full of vitamins
AND it fills tummys - :wink:

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