Best washer and dryer?

Mama’s, just a personal suggestion needed. My washer and dryer are on their last legs so time for a nice new set … which do you prefer for washing machines. Top loaded or front load. I have 2 stinky boys and 2 large hairy dogs so I am always washing something.


I absolutely love my front load. Had my first for 12 yrs and was bummed when it quit. Was so happy we got to get another front load. They use so much less water and are not as hard on big blankets and quilts

Top loader I’ve had a front loader ugh

I live on a farm & have gone through so many.

Speed queen top load commercial washer n dryer!
I have 2 kids, raise cattle & my husband is a plumber our clothes get gross
We have 2 inside dogs & 3 inside cats.

Speed queen is the best. I actually own 2 sets.

Top load washer. I don’t trust side load washer. They may leak. But I have Speed Queen. That’s about the best washer and dryer on the market

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Don’t get an LG or a front load

I had a Maytag for 10 years loved loved it but the wiring in my house sucks every time the power went out more then twice in a day it would burn the switch board out which wasn’t a ton $100 but I seriously regret giving them away :cold_sweat::face_with_spiral_eyes:we paid for brand new LG top of the line they have AI creeps me out but what ever you can do your laundry from out of town ect I guess but this thing broke the second wash got threw Best Buy horrible it took two months to get them fixed!!! And it’s been a headaches since !! Thousands of dollars for lemond so read the same sung wasn’t much better and didn’t want to spend the amount needed for the Maytag wishing I had done so though