Best water bottles for toddlers?

What are your favorite water bottles for a 3 year old and then also looking for favorite water bottles for a 9 year old during sports.

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My 7 and 11 year olds both have these for sports and are obsessed with them. It really does keep their drinks cold for a very long time and I love the handle on top for them to carry. I even bought myself one to drink water from

Straws straws straws!!! I’ve noticed that if my kids water bottles have straws they are way more likely to actually drink it haha! I’ve always used camelback’s for my kids and they have a lot of different types but they all have straws, but seriously any with a straw will do!! Did I mention to get one with a straw? Because yeah they are the best lol :rofl::joy::woozy_face:

I swear by these for my kids. I have a 7 &5 year old and still put milk so it doesn’t spill on the couch.

I love the zuk brand for toddlers. I’ve bought a lot of different brands and find alot of them have areas that get mold because of how they are made and some are very hard to clean. Zuk has character themes and plain we do stainless steel but they offer them in plastic