Best way to lose weight while breastfeeding?

Best way to loose weight while breastfeeding? I cannot live like this I am sooo uncomfortable in my body

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Don’t stress yourself while you are recuperating from giving birth & feeding your baby. Lots of calories burned by nursing baby. Drink water, limit sugars & processed foods. Give yourself grace & time

Same as when not breastfeeding, healthy diet and safe exercise. Nursing is supposed to shrink your uterus. Took 9 months to get to birth; don’t expect your body to snap back in a few weeks!

High protein, low carb, low sugar, water instead of juice or soda, and walking.

The only way to lose weight is a calorie deficit.


Breast feeding burns up to 500 calories a day!!! That in itself is a workout. Focus on cutting out processed foods… stay away from the middle of the grocery store. Start walking. You’ll see the pounds fall off.