Best way to ship things across country?

Anyone know of a good way to ship a large luggage or a huge box across the country? My sister just had her fourth and last child, she lives in New York. I am 5 months pregnant with my first, in Seattle. I thought I was able to pop over there, even just for a day, to take whatever she wanted to give to me. However, I’m high risk, can’t get off of work, and it’s a long flight and back. Any good methods or companies for a low price to ship clothes, etc in a box or two?


I know some people say Pirate shipping is pretty good. But everything is getting more expensive, including shipping. No matter what you use, it’s probably going to cost quite a bit for something that large and heavy.

Have her send via postal flat rate boxes. If a large shipment. Go with shipping agency. Please don’t do FedEx. They will charge you triple the prices than Post Office.

Fed ex will be cheaper than the post office.