Best ways to clean a shower?

This is random and not mommy related lol I just wanna know the most effective and easiest way to clean your tub/shower I know the mamas probably know since they have children lol. I’d like to remain anonymous though please.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best ways to clean a shower?

Vinegar I hear this helps with a lot of things especially stains and to make it look clean. Try dishwashing liquid as well

I let my girls get in bathing suits and we scrub with music. They love it!

I use this stuff its easy to use just spray it on let it sit if need be scrub a little then rinse it off. It does turn white when its clean.

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Pink stuff (the paste, not the spray or the cleaner) and a Scrub Mommy.


On my most stubborn shower at a rental I used sos steel wool pads and they worked perfectly! Obviously have to be somewhat gentle to not scratch certain materials.

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I have one of these scrubbers in the shower and i do a quick scrub after each bath or shower. My husband works construction and the grime buildup happens in like 2 days if we dont clean it after each time.

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In my house I have 3 brooms (for inside, outside and then I have my bathroom broom), I soak the tube or shower in bleach cleaner and let it rest about 20 min, spray again then use my designated bathroom broom to sweep (scrub) it all I reach all the top and bottom, everything without having to break your back

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Orange GLO
Clean it with a scrubber and dawn allow to dry. Spray a small amount of orange GLO. Wipe with old Tshirt comes out perfect.

I use a mixture of vinegar and water. Spray and wipe down. I also will use something called tub and tile from a green company, spray sit for 5 minutes and wipe it down

Not sure if you are asking products or literally how but I get in the shower to clean. When im ready to shower I strip down, take my cleaning supplies, scrub the shower, rinse, and then take my shower.


We use dawn dish soap and a scrubbing sponge. I have tried to steam the floor of the shower and that worked okay.

I use cleaning vinegar mixed with dawn, warm vinegar and add it to a spray bottle with the dawn, equal parts each (usually 1 cup each) spray and shut door to room, allow to sit for at least an hour, spray off with water, hopefully no scrubbing

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My husband tends to use magic clean erasers when the shower needs cleaned. But I’m gonna see if I can post pictures of some good cleaning supplies

I bought knock-off magic erasers and my shower/tub has never been cleaner.

Comet powder+ Clorox cleanup

Scrubbing bubbles and mr clean

From your friendly neighborhood house cleaner here, it depends how bad it is how I clean it. If you got rings them I prefer a drop of dawn (has to be dawn to work) and a bleach cleaner (I prefer scrubby bubbles or clorox gel/foam)bathroom cleaner and my sponge only used on tubs, showers & sinks. Put some elbow grease in and bam Clean. For glass shower doors I scrub with those first, wash, dry water off and go back with my glass cleaner with glass microfiber cloths. Gets it perfectly clean with no streaks.

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I do love vinegar cleaner as well. I make my own with orange peel for my personal home. Most of our clients prefer the store bought stuff to clean

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There is a bleach spray from Aldis that works amazing! I can’t remember the exact name but we love it. Also when I worked at planet fitness we used to clean the showers with magic marker lol

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I use mould off from aldi.
And clean the glass with glass cleaner after.

I give it a quick wipe once a week so it never gets too bad. And it’s not humid in Adelaide, so we don’t really get mould.

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Use Lysol toilet bowl cleaner the lime and rust. Pour it at the top so it drops down and take a sponge to spread it around and it’ll melt off.

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I have one mop for mopping my floor and another specifically for cleaning my shower. Use floor cleaner all over the glass and walls soak for ten minutes turn water on and mop away so much easier than scrubbing by hand

Dawn dish detergent and a scrub brush

Bar Keepers Friend! It’s like Comet, only better. You can get in liquid or powder.

With some cleaning supplies

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I mix dawn and white vinegar in a spray bottle. I let it sit for an hour and then clean it up