Best ways to make a Thanksgiving turkey?

I need all the tips and advice on making a Turkey…I have never done this before and I really don’t want to mess this up as my boyfriends family is coming to my house for the first time…help me impress them


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best ways to make a Thanksgiving turkey?

Just remember to take out giblets and neck. 1st turkey I cooked I didn’t.


I cook mine in a oven bag with lots of seasoning rub all over it. I cut the bag open carefully the last 30 minutes so it will brown.


If frozen, don’t forget all the time to defrost—maybe more than 24 hours. Read carefully how many hours it will take to cook—sometimes up to 6 hours on top of defrosting time. Deep frying is quick and results in a moist turkey, but factor in if you have outdoor space for it, the cost of a deep fryer, how often it will be used, and how careful the cook & guests will be around lots of hot fat

Don’t forget to take the bag of giblets out of the cavity (should be in a waxed paper bag) before cooking. People with cats might like them, or some people fry them up to put them in the gravy.

I cut slits in the skin & slide butter pats in the slits. Otherwise the other advice is good.

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Inject turkey with Cajun butter injection kit. Put butter under skin, sprinkle salt, and pepper on skin and in cavity. Stuff with a cut up orange, a lemon cut in half, and a couple of stalks of celery. And bake.

Brine it for 3 days then roast it! It’ll be the juiciest turkey you’ve ever had! And flavorful too!

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Deep fried turkey is so much faster.


I have baked my Turkey in a cooking bag in the oven & breast side down so it stays moist. I have baked one in the oven without a bag & they have been cooked in electric roaster.

I have a question about Christmas ham if Anyone can help me if I buy it on the first of December if I put it in the freezer take it out a cupple of days before how long does it stay good in the fridge please

I use a roaster butter inside out and broth u can also use turkey bags makes it moist

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Baking bag injection Cajun butter lots of seasoning

Since you never cooked 1 before I’ll give you a simple idea. Allow turkey to thaw. I use a large roaster pan put chicken broth in the bottom so it doesn’t dry out. Not to much because it will make its own juice as it comes. Rub with butter, use whatever seasoning you like. I use Adobe and garlic. Choice with foil and cook overnight at 275. If you put it in at like 11 it should be fine by 7-8 in the morning. Just watch for the button to pop showing its done. Low and slow keeps the turkey very juicy!

Giiiirl! Why would you want their first impression to be with THANKSGIVING TURKEY YOU AINT NEVER MADE BEFORE!!! faints dramatically

Watch some YouTube videos.

Get a turkey fryer, it’s literally the best!

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I like the good old fashion way and comes out perfect every time for over 50 years. I always get a ton of compliments. I lather it with butter sprinkle with salt and pepper then make a tent over it with Reynolds wrap and cook according to what it says for the weight. I take the tent off the last hour so it was brown. I also stuffed my turkey like my grandma always did and no one has ever gotten ill from it like some say you can. But I do remove all the stuffing after it comes out of the oven. Also calculate when your turkey will be done so it can sit for 45 minutes to an hour. Makes it much easier to cut

Take out the inside of the turkey and bake it no cooking bag turkey will turn out good

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Brining the turkey the day before helps lock in flavor and juice. Also recommend starting the roasting upside down to keep the breast moist.

I always put cube of butter :butter: under the skin and put it in a turkey baking bag

youtube turkey recipes! ive found it to be helpful when it comes to different recipes. love the step by steps