Best ways to start potty training?

What is the best way to start potty training? my baby is only one but i didnt know if there was something i could do to make things easier??


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best ways to start potty training?

Every kid is different! My daughter basically did it on her own. She was just under 18 months & 100% potty trained. She never wet her diaper at night- every morning she’d wake up & sit on the little toilet & instantly would go. She never had a pull-up, I didn’t even had to buy any. She went straight to panties & hasn’t had an accident to this day (she is 10, almost 11). I would encourage the morning potties the most, right they wake up & just cheer them on when they go- don’t push it or pressure them :smiley:

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I bought a potty for my daughter when she was about 15 months old and she would go to the bathroom with me every time I went and sit on her potty like it was a chair and read one of her books that we kept in there. By 18 months she was pulling her pull up down and sitting on it within a couple of months she was in panties except for at bedtime.


Front my experience when they want too they will. I did that whole every hour on the potty didn’t work she ended up crying every time. Only peed twice in potty. Now won’t go near it. So think I messed up. She just turned 3. She used to sit on it when I did. Now I’m letting her tell me.

I would wait till closer to two to start potty training. But I started with one of those training potty’s with pull ups then eventually to the little seats that go on the toilet and undies. I’d take baby every 30-1hr. Also bring them in the potty with you so you can show them how to go and flush and wash hands.

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Wait until baby shows interest. Unless baby is interested it’s not going to happen. Also wearing underpants instead of pullups/diapers has a very different feel so when they are interested keep them in underpants as much as possible!


I waited till my daughter was holding her pee in her diaper and had gone a couple times on the potty at home and her daycare had noticed dry diapers after nap time etc. She had just turned 3 and it took 2 days and she did so good and never looked back. Do it when the kid is ready.

Start by saying let’s go potty together, let them sit on the little potty while you’re on the big potty and talk about going, flushing, washing hands, make it a fun light happy experience. No pressure. Kids are curious and it’s a good way to introduce conversations and understanding.

I started my oldest son at 1. I took his diaper and watched him like a hawk he was fully potty trained by 18 months he will be 3 in November and is almost out of the night time pullup. He was night trained but he started having night terrors and woul have accidents. My youngest will be one on the 18th and I will be starting him in the next week or so

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I know some mommies who tracked their littles cycles and so before they would use the bathroom in the diaper they were on the potty. I personally would recommend until baby starts walking. My boy is almost 3 and we’ve been trying for the last year with breaks in-between due to regression.

Put a training toilet in the room you spend time in the most, let them run around naked, and then remind them periodically of having to go. It will take some time and some accidents, not all train at 2 or early, so be patient and have some cleaning supplies ready. Put up anything valuable or unwashable. Some couch covers may be handy lol.

If your kiddo understands then maybe a reward system could help with a chart. If they go pee, a sticker, poo two. Then after it’s filled can get a piece of candy, sticker, teensy toy, or some change for a piggy bank.

It will happen with time, do NOT punish for accidents and don’t rush, push, or force it to happen. This will only cause mishaps.

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I picked a day and I just started. For my kids it was their second birthday. We never gave up, we never stopped. We found our own ways. I personally don’t believe in the whole they will train when ready stuff. Also we did naked all day long. If one of them would go in the floor we would clean it up together and talk about it. I also had 1 non verbal son at the time. We found our ways. Also when I took diapers I took them both night and day. Also I personally stayed away drom pull ups. Good luck.

I had all boys
So I used cherrios, praise and prizes
Told them to sink the boat. Prize after

Neither one of my girls would entertain potty training until they were almost 3 then woke up one day and decided they were potty trained and never turned back, never had a accident overnight.

I also wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom alone, so they had plenty of tutorials :laughing:

Letting them watch you go if it’s a girl and letting them watch dad or brothers go if it’s a boy. I trained mine like I did the dog. Every 30-45 minutes until it clicked. For the first…last two trained themselves basically. Got tired of dirty diapers. They usually wake up dry before anything else and that’s a good sign to start. Otherwise no matter what you do during the day will be undone overnight and they’ll feel like failures. Or can.

I waited with all 3 of mine until they were waking up dry from naps. It was a tip I saw on Super Nanny when that show was a thing a long time ago, so I tried it. They were between 2.5 and 3.5 when it happened. Each was different but waiting worked for us. It literally took my youngest 4 days to learn once we stopped diapers and put her in panties.

My kid didn’t show interest until he turned 3 but I put dissolving toilet targets in the potty, he stood and aimed. I made it into a game for him.

Introduce a potty chair even if sits in as a chair show that it’s a potty chair and just watch for signs that’s how my youngest learned

No point trying to train until a child can hold their urine for a length of time. Once you notice they’re dry after naps or there’s longer between changes …thats the time to start.
Of course there’s no harm in sitting them on the potty at nappy change time. It introduces them to the idea and stops the fear many children suffer…I did that from around 10 months. Also introducing whatever words you intend to use so the child understands what you’re talking about .
Dont limit fluids. Dont force them to sit. Give lots of praise. Expect accidents …if they happen often stop and try again after a few weeks.