Best ways to travel with kids?

We are taking our 2.5 year old on vacation next month. We are flying cross-country to visit my in-laws. I’m nervous as she has never flown before and I don’t know what to expect. I’m desperate for toddler travel tips, any apps or games for her iPad, or anything else you think I should know


Make sure you bring plenty of snacks. Also, make sure she has something sh can suck on like a sucker or something. It will help with the ears popping.

If you have Netflix you can download shows which will help. Also any coloring apps. Or just bring coloring books.

Make sure to have a change of clothes for her. You never know what accidents might happen (spilling drinks, diaper leaks, etc)

Kids get distracted easily so just make sure you have lots of activities for her. Whether your bring books or coloring actives or dolls, bring things she likes. But also don’t bring things that’ll spill everywhere like learning cards or legos or something.

One thing to expect… even if you bring lots of activities for her, she might just want your attention. So just expect to be coloring with her or playing dolls with her.

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Download some cartoons on an iPad or your phone from netflix. Pack their favorite snack and some small toys. I just traveled with my almost 2 year old. He was perfect except when he pooped and I had to master that diaper change​:joy::joy:

Make sure she has her own seat, if you take the cat seat on board it must have the sticker on it saying it’s airplane approved. Double check that all items taken are approved to pass through security. We took a few small toys and I think a leap pad.

Break out a brand new toy or movie. but for a 2 yr old wear them out and they’ll fall asleep