Best wraps for baby wearing?

Hi everyone! I’m about to be a FTM, and I am looking for suggestions related to babywearing. Really interested in trying it out. What products (wraps, baby bjorns, carriers, slings, whatever) did you use and love? People have given me a lot of conflicting advice about what’s best (wraps vs. carriers, for example), and I trust y’all’s opinions. Thank you! #Products


Loved my wrap for my babies I think I have a Bumbo one when the were brand new and Lille carrier now that they’re older

Following. Also interested

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I have a woven wrap and a ring sling. Love both equally for different things. I dont really do a ssc until they are older

Try finding a local baby wearing group! People generally have all different types and you can see which you prefer before sending big bucks on something you don’t love.

I used our moby till she maxed out then I switched to our ergo baby carrier until she was almost 3, maybe even a little after 3.

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If you are on the larger side like I was go with the Moby line the fabric breathes well and they fit most body types.

I had a Moby wrap given to me by my boss at a baby shower they threw for me at work with my last kiddo. It was my absolute favorite gift out of everything Id gotten. Soooo versatile and he didnt outgrow it til he was walking lol. It makes life so much easier. I was able to wash dishes, do laundry, even do homework while he was fast asleep.

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Lillebaby. Absolutely love it

Also, I had a baby carrier/pack thingy with my daughter and hated it. It was Jeep brand had the little headguards but every time she fell asleep her little head still would just flop around in the most uncomfortable positions. Also, it made her sweat awful in the summer. The Moby wrap I had with my son was a breathable material and he never got sweaty in it.

My daughter is 2, almost 3 months old (I’m a FTM) and I’ve bought 3 separate ones. Ones a wrap and ones a carrier (like backpack) and one is a tank top she hates all of them so :woman_shrugging:t3::joy:. I use the good ol arm. If we go to the store she usually stays in her car seat unless her daddy carries her with his arm :joy:.

I love my boppy comfy carrier!! It’s a carrier and a wrap!

The boba wrap! It was my absolute favorite. I used it everyday! Even just to go for a walk with her outside. Or get some stuff done around the house. When all she wanted was to be held. And in the later months, when she couldn’t nap because she was overtired or overstimulated, she’d be out in minutes in the boba. It was my actual sanity for being a functioning human who had stuff that needed to get done. Even the stores, I’d wear it (it prevented people from touching the baby)

Had one…used it 2x lol

I love the money wrap used it for all 4 of my babies and have 1 for the one on the way…

I had a carrier with my first I absolutely loved. Even her dad didn’t mind taking turns wearing it with me when my back would start to hurt. It was just one I got from my doctors office from a raffle winning. Made it easier going out and about doing things where I wanted or needed to be hands free.

Ergo, ring sling( no strap)

I swear by the ergo 360. You can get a great deal on a used one too.

The only way that I could get anything done was if I wore my daughter. I just had a generic carrier, but I loved it. The only problem was that I also cloth diapered and so she leaked at times when I wore her.

I loved my moby wrap for my daughter from birth to about 6 months. Then I used an Infantino carrier that I loved when she got bigger. When you get into the regular carries and not wraps- pay attention as to whether they are forward facing or not. If it’s not meant for them to be worn facing out the material can cut off circulation to their legs.

Ring sling was what we used with both of mine. Mine were very tiny babies (first was 4 pounds, the other was 5) so it was easier because of how it adjusted.i didnt use mine super often because i have arthritis but when I did it was a life saver!

I have a moby… can be used many ways, got it at target and love it.

I used a carrier that could convert as the baby got bigger and work as a back pack for a bigger child but what you use us up to you and what is most comfortable