Bf wont let me move on

I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years with a one year period where we were broken up.

The problem is that he is an alcoholic. I saw the red flags early on when I met him but I ignored them for all the good qualities I saw where he is such a great person when he is sober. So fun, caring, etc. Now here I am 4 years later in a train wreck of a relationship. I have been through physical, emotional, and mental abuse with him. Even the police has been involved. Everyone keeps telling me to leave him. When I love, I love hard and hope that things will get better and that change will happen. But its obvious that he wont change. I dont deserve this and no one does. I am just drained and finally ready to move on but he refuses to leave my apartment and when I kick him out, he finds a way back in and he just pretends like we dont have problems in our relationship. I was the only one putting in effort into our relationship. He only goes to detox just to shut people up (the ones that keep telling him to go). Then he comes out and starts drinking again. He has had a drinking problem for about 10 years and we are both 30 and neither of us have any children.

Please any advice to smoothly move on would be appreciated.