Big sister gift ideas?

So I’m a week away from delivery and I’m wanting to get my first born like a big sister gift to lift up her spirits when her baby sister comes. Has anyone else ever done this? And what did you include in the gift? My firstborn is about to turn 4.


I did this with my nieces. My oldest was upset about baby so we got her books that are about a big sister, art stuff since she likes to draw, and a few small toys. My niece was 5 when her sister was born.

Yes I definitely did this. A special gift “from the baby” to make them feel special and not as jealous. I’m hoping to deliver in a week too and my mom will have my 13 year old son and 6 year old son. My 13 year old will be fine but my 6 year old may get jealous. When they go down to visit I’m going to have her get something from “him” for the baby like a stuffie or something and I’ll have something for him

Ask her what is her favorite wish? Then make that happen.

I got a gift from the baby. She got a big sister book. Some candy and small toys. She was 6 and thought it was the sweetest thing ever. My 2nd was a NICU baby so it meant to much to my 1st for her to get something. She was so worried about her

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I was 4 when my little sister was born, my parents got me a doll house :slight_smile:

My girls were 7, 8, & 9 when they got a “surprise” baby brother. We talked a lot about what to expect leading up to the big day and had the girls help come up with ideas of little things they could do to help (like bringing mommy or daddy the diaper changing kit, holding brother so mom can get up to do something, help picking out his clothes, etc.)
They all pretty much became his and my little helpers and I think it helped them bond with him and feel like a part of what was changing.
We also made sure they each got a special “big sister” shirt and stocked up the pantry with their favorite snacks (which I let them pick out from the store) to eat after brother was born.

I got a things remembered bracelet that said big sister on one side and her name on the other. She loves it 3 years later


Great idea how about something for the summer months? Bathing suit, floaties, or a pail an shovel to build sand castles.

No idea but that’s sweet :two_hearts:

I got my son a non-gender doll, so when I took care of the baby he did the same thing…ya this might sound weird but I can say that today he is the most caring father to his son… Or get her a necklace that says big sister and tell her it’s from her little sister…

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I got my son a paw patrol boat and pirate pups from the baby. And a big brother shirt . From the baby (he’s obsessed with pirates and paw patrol)

My sister was 2 when my oldest was born . We got her a baby alive that she could feed and Change and take care of when I was taking care of the baby.

I redid my sons bedroom.
The baby got a new room. So he needed a new big brother room.
He picked his big boy bedroom suit. And his decorations.

Yes, my son was 2yrs and 4 months when his sister was born. He got her a toy lamb and from her we got a Postman Pat jigsaw and book as he was obsessed with PP at the time, lol.

I would suggest several small wrapped gifts so when ppl give baby a gift she can also get a little something

Mines had matching t-shirts that said lil sister and big sister

Yes my daughter and little sister same age as my daughter got a teddy bear and Tshirts saying big sis and little big aunt. And a new toy

Charm bracelet. With a big sis charm. Then she can add to it when she has memorable and wonderful moments. Did this with all mine

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At my daughters baby shower they did this for my oldest son and at my youngest sons baby shower they did that for both of my kids…

I did this with mine and I did colouring books and dolls and cars depending on the sex of my kids lol it makes them feel just as important cause baby gets lots of stuff, if she has been eyeing up a toy lately that you have said no to, that would be a good one :slightly_smiling_face: congrats on the new baby shortly

I did with my first. He got some trucks and Thomas trains.

We let our 5 yr old name his little brother. And they each got a gift for eachother the day he was born. ( We gave our 5 yr old 5 names to choose from so that the baby wouldn’t be named cheese or booger haha) the baby got our 5 yr old a special teddy bear that had coordinates to a star. You login to the website and get to see the images of the star. Once you do that, you get to name the star. It was really cool.

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A picture frame for a picture of the 2 of them

mine was 2… he got a big brother t shirt and got a stuffed puppy dog … it doesn’t have to be anything big, just something to make her feel excited and included at the hospital when the baby is born (works better if you wait to give it to her at the hospital but it’s up to you)

I got my daughter a baby doll that cries and sucks on it’s bottle with a stroller

I 2nd the charm bracelet comment

I got my son a big brother kit that had things to keep him busy at the hospital like crayons color books small toys story books and puzzles.

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We took my oldest 2 to build a bear the week before I delivered our youngest to make themselves each an animal. And then together let them make one for their new baby brother!


I got my child a baby doll so I had my baby and they had theirs so we cared for our babies together

I brought home a “baby” (a doll)for her. So when I brought home my baby, I also brought home her baby.

My nana did this for us this time around. I had my second (our daughter) she sent a few things for her, a few big brother gifts for our son, 2 rings for me (one from each of the kids), and 1 ring for dad from our kids.

A t-shirt that says something about being a big sister and a little figurine of a girl holding a baby (precious moments have cute ones)

Doing the same with my little boy. Got him a big brother book, t shirt, a badge and balloon. Might get a Dino too lol…

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Yes, and include her in your labor if you can. Give her a job to do so she feel apart of the experience. I have 4 kids and I gave jobs like bring me ice and keeping my water cup filled , one was responsible for putting chapstick on my lips . Then when it came to pushing I had my sister in-law take them out

We did matching big sister and little sister shirts and a baby doll with all the extras (crib, highchair, bottle, diapers, carseat, clothes etc.).

I let my daughter go get the baby something to bring to the store. I believe she picked out an outfit a toy and a book she could “read” to him. She was really excited to meet him and wasn’t to interested in anything other than meeting her new baby

Big sister shirt and a cute plushie that says the year or something sweet like that

We did a special day - gave my stepson a list of activities and let him pick 4 things. We did a trampoline park, lunch at his favorite restaurant ice cream and he got to pick what I cooked for supper. With baby number too he asked when his day was going to be again :blush:


We didn’t so much get her a gift as made a conscious effort not to let her feel over shadowed by her sister. We got her a big sister shirt to wear. Then we made a big deal about her helping. The nurses even included her at the hospital which made her feel really big and important. When she came In the room to meet her sister I wasn’t holding her so I could have a one on one conversation with her and it was just the four of us in the room. After a minute my husband picked up our youngest and brought her over to the bed with my oldest and I. In the first weeks, if the baby wasn’t upset or eating and my oldest asked for my attention my husband would take the baby and would give my oldest my attention.

I did! I got them big sister/ little sister shirts & a stuffy!