Birth control after giving birth

How long after giving birth can I start taking the birth contraceptive pill?

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your obgyn will discuss it with you at your 6 week checkup


I started mine at 6 weeks

Got mine at my 6 week checkup

That’s a question for your doc, not facebook.


6 weeks for the pill, 8-12 weeks for implant or IUD

I got mine in the hospital

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Keep in.mind that right after giving birth you are very fertile, and some birth control (depo shot for me) will amplify any post partum depression.

Be aware if you are breastfeeding that some pills can cause your milk to dry up.

Try nexplanon implant it’s better than birth control pills

Started mine 6 weeks post partum for the pill!

I think six weeks. Then wait at least two weeks I think for it to be active.

I got the Depo shot the day before I left the hospital

You usually discuss that at your 6 week check up since you shouldn’t be sexually active until then!However, if you’re breastfeeding you can’t use contraceptives that contain estrogen, which the combination pill does. The mini pill doesn’t!