Birth control pill side effects?

Have any moms used Sprintec birth control pills before? If you had any side effects what were they? Was this birth control effective for you?


I used it with no issues at all. it was effective til I quit taking it. lol

Is this the mini/low hormone pill safe to breastfeed on?

My favorite one. I always go with sprintec no issues but headaches if you have to double take due to forgetting. Effective till I stopped taking it. Lol

I used it and in the morning I would get nausea but if I took it at night i was good.

I used it. Well forget to so hubs got a vasectomy :joy: but it was a good one. (We have 6 kids total)

Sprintec made me suicidal as fuck… I hated myself. I broke out ALL OVER my face… I was so bipolar… I would cry over absolutely nothing. My mental state was AWFUL, & I was so hateful… Never again. This was before I had my daughter I was 16… my mom made me get off it… cause I really was so mean & I got headaches a lot… it was weird…

I used it prior to my first pregnancy no issues! So side affects.

Major loss of sex drive. And loss of wetness during sex.

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I used it! Had reactions to a different pill so I was skeptical but have been on it close to 2 years and no side effects!

I’ve used Tri-Sprintec, before and after pregnancy. The only side effects I’ve had with it is yeast infections every now and then from the hormones n