Birthday activity ideas?

Needing birthday iodeas for an almost 13 year old…we dont do parties as we live no where near family…we typically take them to do an acitivity and then out to dinner…but he cannot for th elife of him think of what he wants to go out and do…thoughts?


You might have to travel for some of these (i dont know what area you live in). Laser tag, go-carting, bowling, double movie features at a movie theater, camping, having a few friends over for a late night video game sleep over, trampoline park, roller skating. Where I’m from, unless its walmart at 11pm, corn fields or bowling; you have to go at least an hour away to do this stuff.

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Maybe go out to a movie.

Laser tag paintball trampoline park


Bowling, baseball game, axe throwing, escape room, rage room, laser tag, water park.

Bowling, arcade, and the water park are usually my go to birthday things.

Launch pad, lazer tag, bowling, swimming

Camping/fishing trip, amusement park, road trip to a cool destination, dinner then go to a movie, arcade and lunch.

Baseball game even if is a minor league team.

I would find somewhere like kokomos

Look on Groupon for some ideas! What about an escape room

Give him some money & a cake with candles & balloons. Tell him he can do what is liked or permissible, including maybe choosing to use the money to take his family out to a place he wants. Whichever way - all good. Don’t need to overdo it. Probably needs time to think about it. No pressure.

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What does he want to do?? Ask him. Then plan accordingly

Is there an arcade anywhere near you-in a mall or something? Playing those games is sometimes fun, especially if you let him choose a friend to take along. Is there a riding stable nearby? Does he like horses? How about a go-cart track? Is there a race track nearby where they race stock cars and have demolition derbies? Those are fun to see. Are there any lakes close by for fishing or swimming? Is the county fair coming up or is it already done? What about the State Fair? Could you go camping? Not to a middle of a treeless field with a trailer camping, but tent in the woods camping. Is there a zoo? A natural history museum? Natural history museums are a kick if your kid is into dinosaurs. A lot of museums have tons of fossils. Dino skeletons too.

Gokart track, amusement park, water park

Movies, bowling, beach , laser tag , trampoline park

IFLY, SkyZone, go karts or Dave & Busters

Ask your son. Why you on facebook asking something instead of engaging with your family ?
No where here you’re gonna find the right answer.


Theme park- he picks the rides since it’s his day.

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Go to This.

I got taken out for a steak dinner.

Arcade. Go Karts. Mini Golf…

We do the same thing with our kids. We only have parties for the milestone birthdays (1, 10, 13, 16, 18 & 21).

Our youngest daughter just turned 9. She wanted Hibachi for dinner and to go to Build A Bear. That’s what we did.

Our son turns 14 at the beginning of September and while he’s a typical teenage boy and into video games, he also loves Legos and has a huge collection that he has built and keeps on display in his bedroom. We’re taking him to lunch at Dave & Busters (for the video games) and then to the Lego Store.

Movies, bowling. Google family fun near me

What does he like to do? Give him a couple of choices to pick from.

When my oldest turned 13 I rented a limo for 2 hours, filled it full of his favorite drinks/ candy/ balloons/ etc… and had it pick up him and his friends- it was a surprise- and they drove around for the time and him and his friends had a blast!