Birthday ideas for a 4-year-old?

Desperately searching for ideas for a gift(s) for my sons birthday. He’ll be 4. He hasn’t given us any ideas and my husband and I are stumped. Links to the ideas or pictures would be appreciated, if possible

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Bike or scooter. Adventure passes or gift cards to go places.

Imaginative play is really fun at this age. This can be anything he is interested in. Daycare kids usually go for the play kitchen and food sets, shopping, tools, cleaning, play houses, etc.

Legos, Tinker Toys, superhero action figure, G.I. Joe

When my oldest turned 4 we got him a Big Wheel trike. He loved it. Did a party at chucky cheese. Just do something he likes

I let mine pick the cake and buy gifts/do a theme over whatever is picked.

FOUR-ever wild. DINO-FOUR. Reach 4 the sky. Amazon has lots of ideas if he doesn’t have a character he really likes

Smart got everyone else doin ur work for ya

Magna tiles, legos or duplos

Focus on experiences. Toys are so temporary at this age. Today it’s the best thing ever tomorrow it’s forgotten and by Friday it’s broken. Enroll them in a fun activity or hobby, take a trip. Do something for an experience they’ll remember

Ideas??? He’ll be FOUR!!! Why don’t you get him stuff based on his shows or storybooks??


pizza party or cook burgers and hot dogs on the grill . get some cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches, picnic outside with close friends and family.

Mega blocks, Tonka Trucks, Tricycle, Dinosaurs, Books, Colouring stuff, Kinetic Sand, Depends on what he’s into…

Light sabers, nerf guns, costumes.