Birthday ideas for an 8-year-old?

Need ideas on what to get an 8 year old boy for his bday that are not toys !!!


Membership to the local zoo/theme park perhaps?

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Mine loves art stuff. We bought him a art book with markers, crayons etc an he sat for hours drawing in it!

Gift card to book store

An experience (zoo membership, movie tickets, etc)


Pearler beads are awesome! They can make whatever they want and be creative/artistic

Depends on what he likes and go from there

Aquarium. Let him pick some fish out

We did a scavenger hunt for my cousin. He had a blast & ended at his favorite place (Jumpoline). No gifts, just friends & fun!

Cloths,shoes,tickets to what he enjoys!

For my littles boys birthday am just getting him few lil daft bits of toys just to open as my 3 have more toys then toys r us and am sick of wasting money for them to be binned as they get broke so am booking for me and who ever he wants to take on a lil national holiday to thomas last and a zoo we done natinal holodays a few times there realy good x

A bike, skateboard or roller blades with helmet and pads. A kids bow and arrow to be used with supervision. A fishing rod and tackle box with bait and stuff. A home made coupon book. A movie or two or even tickets to see a new movie comming out he will like. Horse back riding lessons. Sky zone tickets. It’s almost summer so maybe a cheep pool. A tool box? A football or soccer ball.

Gift card or cash, cheaper to give card or cash.

Season pass to a water park for the summer. Tickets to a sporting event for just the two of you or him and his dad… something that will generate a memory

My son will be 7 in June and decided he wants to go to the Colorado Renaissance Festival. His birthday falls on Father’s Day this year and opening weekend.

Take him to a laser tag place, water park, arcade. Time spent with him doing fun stuff is worth more than toys

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Movie theater gift card

Tickets to a live action play. Pay for an art class/session.

Clothes, shoes, books, basketball… Or something else for him to play with outside, and/or gift certificate to a place that he likes to go to.

iPad, video game, clothes, bike, scooter…

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Ask him if there is somewhere he would like to go or do.
If you are friends with his friends parents see if their child can ask him what he’d really like.

Pass to a jump park, skating rink, bowling, movies, a restaurant gift card, mini golf, go karts, laser tag…so many options for that age!


Art sets, cinema voucher something like that.

Fishing rods and fishing stuff or hunting stuff, that’s what I asked for if it’s an outdoor family… or a trampoline

Game stop gift card if u have one

We got my son an awesome Nat Geo crystal growing science set with a lighted base so it can be a nightlight and decoration he can show off, not just a project. Telescopes, cameras so they can take their own pictures (my kids took great ones when little from their perspective or what they thought was cool), precious stones/ rock kits, bug guide with accessories, fishing pole, money for something he wants to save up for.

What about museum, zoo, or indoor play place memberships?

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Go to the movies; science or crafting kits; bike; sports equipment; musical instrument;

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Cooking supplies, cookbook, outdoor camping supplies, adventure kits.

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I’m definetly a fan if experiences as gifts as well. Museum of science, movie passes, it’s dependant on budget restriction but there are lots of good options!!

Money or gift card so he can get what he wants.