Birthday ideas?

My daughters birthday is in april she will be 7 we live in ny can anyone give me and ideas for what to do with her this year and cake wise lol thanks mamas


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Order a cake kit off amazon you can put real money in the center in sleves and cover it with icing and it pulls out the center .its real cute only like 8.oo for the kit …look it up …its neat …

Ask her what kind of birthday she wants. Talk to your kiddo, not strangers on the Internet.


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Do a theme in something she likes. Mine turned 7 and she’s into L.O.L so I did that
Last year it was unicorn.

Try asking her what she wants. She’s a big girl and can tell you what she wants.


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I always ask my daughter (and my son when he gets older) what theme she wants and I get some of those decorations and a themed cake. Always has been a hit. Just ask her!

She’s old enough to know what she’d like to do for her birthday.
Ask her and if it’s reasonable financially there’s ya answer.

I always let mine decide. They’d pick a place they wanted to eat. And an activity like bowling or a movie.

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I did a makeup party for a 7 year old. Little mirror and kids make up. Cheap on Amazon with decorations and stuff. Did regar face paint for the boys.

Have you tried asking her what she wants and you could do a unicorn themed birthday my daughter loves unicorns

I have a friend Daisy Doodle the children’s entertainer. She’s fabulous but is in NYC; not sure where in NY you are.

As long as there’s candles, cake, ice cream, a few presents, family & friends, it won’t matter what you do in the long run. I’ve done ice skating, laser tag, pin the tail on the donkey, crafts (got baseball caps & liquid embroidery; you could also do T-shirts but you have to wait for the stuff to dry. Holds up well in a clothes washer), an obstacle course outside & inside, sleepovers, picnics at parks and amusement parks.