Birthday parties ideas for kids?

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Ok so Ladies I need some help! My sons 3rd birthday is next month, his last 2 birthdays we didnt have parties and we went out as a family to the zoo and for supper, now that he is in day care he has made alot of friends and this year we are having him a birthday party at his grandmothers house, it will be mostly outside. She lives in the country so There is alot of space,a swing set, a trampoline and a swimming pool and a sprinkler so they will be able to go swimming and what not But I was wondering what would be some other fun things we could do!? Im stuck on ideas and its coming up in a few weeks! Thank you so much in advance loves!


Egg race. Bob for apples. 3 leg race. Red rover.

Simple party games, pinata, pin tail on donkey, you can Google and even print some :grin:

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Water balloon fight, water slide, water guns, pinata, pin the tail on the Donkey.

Water balloons, water guns, piñata

Bubbles, water balloons, finger painting.

For kids that age, maybe a splash pad? You can buy some at Walmart for less than $20 I think. Or a water table? Something with water would keep them entertained for awhile, maybe a bubble machine? My daughter loves to play outside with hers

Bat balloons around, create an obstacle course, pin the tail on the donkey. Squirt guns.

Most kids this age will be so happy to have unstructured time, and all the outdoor activities sound PERFECT.

Remember sunscreen & hats. Baseball caps or sun hats & little sunglasses (& squirt guns if you want) would make great goody bags to give out as guests arrive. Have extra sunglasses & squirt guns to replace the lost & stepped-on ones.

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Slip and slide, pinata, water balloons

Girl that is enough for those kiddos. They are still tiny tots n will wear themselves out just from the swimming n playground alone. Lol. Theme ideas whatever your toddler likes. Lol I’m had bubble guppies tmnt power rangers and his 3rd was a surprise party from his uncle.


We rented an 18’ slide for the day on my sons 3rd and the kids absolutely loved it. We also had a craft table with paints and stuff for the ones that didn’t want to play on the slide.

My daughters birthday is in June. We have always preferred outdoor parties. One year we had a frog themed party and has a leap frog relay. It was super cute and the kids loved it. It was actually like her 3rd ot 4th birthday.

Water balloons are fun too.

Water balloons! Water guns!big ass tarp slip and slide with soap!

Honestly, my kids had the most fun when we just let them go play without making them participate in structured activities.

Piñata, water ballon fight or water guns, pin the tale on donkey.
I would google outside party games for 3/4 year olds… Your find tons of fun games

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Sounds like for that age that’s plenty. Just get lots of snacks! Watermelon and melon in general. Maybe a piñata just for fun

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A bounce house it’s something different from the other things at grandmas…

Frisbee, tag, bubbles, lawn sprinkler

How about taking the flat bottom ice cream cones and making s’mores in them you put things like M&M’s graham crackers chocolate chips I’ll break off the little bars of chocolate you could do peanut butter chips you heat the marshmallow put it in the count and it melts everything it’s a lot less messy but fun for the kids and it does need adult supervision

I would stay away from the pool activity. Not all 3 year olds can swim. Water ballons, relay race, freeze tag.

Kids paintball (water balloons filled with paint. Wear white shirts for a fun keepsake)
Frozen shirt competition, freeze an interesting shirt in a thin layer of ice. First person to break it out and put it on wins
Even just a slip in slide or a ball pit would make them go crazy :sweat_smile: shoot you could even spread a sheet out and give each kiddo a different color paint, then set them loose. Then you’d have something to keep forever

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Water balloons. Squirt guns, or a paint area.

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finger paints on a white sheet, squirt guns, Washable crayons to make-up their faces or other faces. Ball pit sounds fun, and the slip and slide. Swimming pool need allot of floaters for their arms would steer away from swimming pool for them.