Birthday party ideas for kids?

I’m looking for idea’s, because I’m at a loss. My son will be turning 6 in 2 weeks (July 7th) and I want to do something for his birthday, but I just had my daughter a week ago via emergency C-section. My house is under construction so I can’t really do anything here for him. Any ideas what I can do for his birthday so he doesn’t feel forgotten, while we have a recovering mama and a 3 week old in the mix? We live in southern California so July heat… I’m going to have his 1 cousin and 1 of his friends over the following weekend for a water balloon / squirt gun play date. So we’ll make that a small birthday party with cupcakes and balloons, But I’d like to do SOMETHING on his big day. He’s put up with a lot of changes recently. He deserves his special day.


Take him to the movies and maybe let him pick a toy of his choicing.

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Take him to chunky cheese they r all over the world I’m sure there’s one wear u live it’s a restaurant and a game room and they have birthday parties ask them for some infomation

I also live in California with 100+ degree heat. My stepsons birthday is July 10th. We are having a family birthday party at my sister’s with her pool. Maybe if you know someone that will let you use their pool/house you can do that? Gives you a place to be inside with baby where it’s not hot, but also fun for your son. Or if you’re up for it, maybe go to an arcade or an indoor jump place?

Maybe a small pool and just let him go. Or a sprinkler. You and baby can sit in the shade, or inside even (if you have a good view) and just let him run around.
Make his favorite dinner and a small dessert?
Let him pick his own toy for his birthday?
There are tons of small things you can do!

Chuck e cheese? Or an indoor play place? I bet he’d love an indoor play place

Ask him what he wants to do and go from there.

How about a movie date with you and his dad?
Like toy story?

Movie and McDonald’s?

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take him to see toy story, out to dinner or if you have a local splash pad?

decorate his bedroom… let him help even… small cake… order pizza… Movies on tv… his choice… And of course a few presents… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Just do something at home. Stress on you he will feel. I’ve had a lot of at home bdays with my own. I have 5 and understand. My kids are always just as happy. Have him decorate his own cake or atleast have a idea of it. Dollar tree has a lot you can go with and let he pick his own decor. Will make he feel in charge and his day will still be special with a few realatives or friends with gifts and a few games. Having something small won’t ruin his day. I personally would rather spend more money the things that my kids hope for than a big party with guests that are their for the food and entertainment.

Could take him to pick a present and let him choose whatever he wants for dinner and make him a special dessert decorate his chair at the dinner table tell him it’s his special birthday chair let him be in charge of the telly little things like that … works for us every time

Bowling, trampoline park, Boomers, Chuck E Cheese, the zoo,

Just make it all about him

Wait tell you heal and have a surprise birthday party

Ask him what he would like to do…he may give a simple suggestion.

I had the same issue… 1st child Feb 9, 4th child Feb 14th, and 5th child Feb 5th.
We did a very small party with us, his siblings and grandparents. Cake and presents.
That was it… we didnt celebrate more later or a different day. Not every birthday has to be spectacular. He will understand.

Wait till u heal…then plan a day all about him…indoors. dollar store decorations cupcakes special movie 1 friend and family.u have a new baby.eazy 4 u and fun 4 him…

I live in BC…they have indoor climbing gyms here that you can do parties at…any like it where you live??? They are great…rooms for party and holds adults…but kids get to have a great time

Matinee with a few friends/McD or Pizza Inn buffet

Chuck-E-Cheese would be nice

Just do one at home maybe in the backyard like a pool party something simple and easy for you.

What does he like before I suggest anything

i wouldnt take the baby out…maybe dad can take him for a special day somewhere like an angels game, bowling or johns incredible pizza for a boys night and have cake at home after, as a family :blush:

what rubbish asking silly question manage urself as per ur wish

Since you are probably still on bed rest,or supposed to be lol. When your husband is home to care for the baby snuggle up w him and your tablet or smartphone or whatever and let him pick out his presents just the two of you. Let him take as long as he wants and give him your full attention. It will be so nice for him to have that time w you and to see you get excited w him over the toys and stuff and explain to him it will all be delivered right to your door and get really excited about it so he will to they love getting packages it will be a happy memory for him and it will let him feel special