Birthday party ideas for kids?

Just looking for ideas for a 1st birthday party. My little boy will be 1 in August and just needing some ideas for the party and also presents :blush:


Winnie the pooh theme

My son won’t be one until November. But we’re thinking of doing a dinosaur theme

Pool party! :slightly_smiling_face: have a little pool for kids and some cute snacks

We did the very hungry caterpillar for my son’s first birthday

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I would get learning toys ones that sing has music etc…its never too young to start learning and I dont have any boys but I know someone who did paw patrol

Kaitlin A Gerdau you are having the same problem. Right?

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I’ve done… monsters inc… Micky mouse…farm … dirt bikes… & small foot themes

My daughter turned 1 last August, we had a party on the lake and just had a summer theme.

We are doing dinosaur themed for my son’s first birthday in july

McQueen, so many ideas for it, i did the center pices for my nephews birthday, and i loved it, super easy

Following, because we’re having two parties since our families live farther apart. We’re doing “Mr. ONEderful” for one and was thinking the very hungry caterpillar for the other. But still looking at different themes.

I did sock monkey for my son’s first birthday.

We did Elmo/cookie monster he turned 1 june 22!!!

Fpr my sons first bday, I did a bumble bee theme. :slight_smile:

We did Mickey mouse for my 1st son, then monsters(not monster Inc) for my 2nd son

Super hero an villians theme on Amazon

My son will be 1 next week and we got him this

I’ve done cars, John Deere tractor :tractor:, I did work trucks like bulldozer, even match box cars. But my boy loved cars!!

Paw patrol,toy story, a simple blue an green theme? Monsters inc is cute to!

I did the Cookie Monster for my son’s first birthday on June 22nd!

We did a first fiesta for my son. Had a taco bar, pinata, etc. Also for gifts, we did a water table.

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I took mine to the zoo!

Oh-fish-aly one
Wild one
Mr. onederful
Baby’s first rodeo

Use plastic dump trucks to put snacks in…if small party each boy can take a truck home for gift at end of party…

I would do a smash cup cake, a cake for everyone else. A picnic/cook out sounds great for you.

Basic toys are the little tykes educational toys, ones that work towards hand eye fine motor skills. Pjs cloths in the next size up, books the hard cardboard books. As far as theme they’re still young so it’s ok not to have one

We are doing a “Time Flies” airplane theme cuz my little guy loves them! We got him a water table and push trike.

I didn’t really do a theme for my son’s first birthday party, I did make sure to do a keep sake though, I got some white onsies and white sleepers, some no toxic acrylic paint, paint brushes and some fabric markers, I got all the little ones to do foot prints on a onsie and the parents to write their name by the foot prints, and then all the adults did a hand print on a sleeper and wrote their name with it, I plan on doing some kind of keep sake for all of my son’s birthdays, then he will be able to look back and see who was at his birthday parties when he is older

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