Birthday party ideas?

What should I do for my husbands 40th birthday? I’m at loss for ideas, any ideas/tips appreciated!

S/n - he’s not asking for anything. But I want to make it special.

My husband is happy with a steak dinner and sex. Lol


I always make my famous buffalo chicken wings for the day of his birthday, they’re his fav. Then the weekend we usually go out somewhere nice. He never asks for anything either but this year he wants to buy his gift, something for his truck. Lol

Dinner and sex lol. For my husband’s birthday i got a hotel room for the night (we have two younger children and one on the way so this was needed for time alone) but wee went to a hibachi food spot and went back to the room for the good stuff :wink:

Get yourself some cute undies. Treat you both with one purchase. :wink: lol

Last year was a rough one for us…I spent about 3 weeks planning a surprise birthday party for my husband…even called his boss to see if he could have him come in for a shift while I got ready. Dropped my son off with grandma and one of our friends has an inflatable bouncy castle. It was a GREAT night having all the friends over drinking, singing karaoke, and bouncing in the bounce house. All the while he had NO idea.

Surprise party with his closest friends and family

You could wrap 40 gifts and put them in a big box! If he’s into fishing they could be 10 different fish hooks, a new tackle box, snacks etc. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just little gifts of something he’s interested in!

Do what my ex wife did for mine - throw him a surprise party in the yard, complete with a sound stage, keg. and invite friends from all stages of his life