Birthday present ideas for girls?

any recommendations on to get my soon to be one year old daughter for her birthday besides clothes ? activity wise outdoors we have very limited access to our back yard and she has all kinds of toys & stuffers thank you in advance :relieved:

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Start a college fund for her? She’s 1. I doubt that she’ll remember much of any party or toys. A few small gifts and cake with lots of pictures to commemorate the happy day also.

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I got pumpkins for my son (he’s born in October, you can do melons for this too) and he helped me smash them. I know its wasting food, etc. But it made great photos & was fun for the whole family!
Its messy but it was really fun to do outside.
If not that a water table or sealable sandbox!

Experiences: tickets or membership to local kid friendly places. Kids gyms, kids museum, please touch places, zoo, aquarium, etc. Also books to read to her.


Push car to ride in on walks my daughter loves hers

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Bank account and put minimum $1000 in it a year by the time they are 18-21 they would have a nice saving account for a house deposit or car!


We got our one year old a water table and some books! He loves it and it’s not huge so you don’t need a big backyard for it

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Experiences. College fund.
Savings Account.
Potty Chair.
BIG girl bed.
Book & Movie collection :slight_smile:

I’d start a savings account or college fund.

She’s 1 and they don’t care at that age.

I’d also get something sentimental she can keep with it being her 1st birthday

Never too young for swim lessons

Books!! Time to start reading.

Books, puzzles, zoo membership, age appropriate games.

Experiences! Zoo or children’s museum membership or a weekend trip somewhere. Doing fun things with her at this age builds your bond!

Bubbles are always a winner! Finger paints are fun too

The water table is the best

Littles do not really remember their gifts at that age…its more for our memories…
What about a membership to the Zoo or Children’s Museum? This is a gift that lasts the whole year and the entire family gets to enjoy in the memories! These are gifts we still do for my girls! :slight_smile:

Get her something that promotes motor skills like puzzles or stackers. It doesn’t have to be extravagant.

One of the play water tables for outside. Start her a savings account early.

Toddlers love those mini inflatable ball pits