Birthday theme ideas?

So birthday birthday birthdays so I have a baby due at the very end of December then I have two yes TWO January kids that need birthdays but three part question;

A) My oldest boy (will be 8yo)has picked Cops as his birthday theme. There’s def Pinterest, but has anyone had a successful Cop birthday party. Tell me about it what did y’all do?

B.) What theme could I use for my girl(will be 2) as a theme so go along with the other theme. •As in they will have a combined birthday since we will be strapped for Cash this coming year after just having a baby. • I know I hate that too•

C) is it wrong of me to push their “party” to Feb or March?


I have a November and a January baby. Girls are cops too. You could definitely combine it. It’s not wrong to push their party

I feel your pain, my son turns 2 end of October, I’m due november 16 and my daughter turns 4 in December…as far as pushing the party back nothing wrong with it, we are still trying to figure out best time for my daughters birthday party as she’s between thanksgiving and Christmas. So many kids out of town, but also many November/December birthday parties all the first week of December so I totally would be on board to push their party back to February. March may be a push for your son, your daughter wouldn’t know the difference. As to the theme I personally see no real reason to do two themes, I don’t know about your daughter but mine since 2 has loved police cars and fire trucks, maybe throw in some Dalmatians for her and call it a day! Create some type of obstacle course just like cops do/superhero’s and that would be so much fun for her I bet. Best of luck

Cops and donuts themed! My hubby is a cop so we are circling the same thing. We have a bday in Nov, Dec, hubby in Jan and other kid in March lol


We no longer do big birthday parties… My kids have a birthday in July, September, and October… My nieces is in August and I’m due in November… And we have Christmas… So we do a cake and get them something, but instead of waisting money on big birthday parties we usually will do a season pass to like Dollywood in Gatlinburg or something similar… That way we can all enjoy our family time together

Ok I’m also out there. I have a child born at the end of September, I’m due October 14, and I have child that was born the 30 of October… I plan on smushing theirs together. And yes there are tons of female cops now days perfect way to show them they can be anything they want to be regardless of their gender

Can you not use a wild west theme. Your boy can be a sheriff and your girl can be a cowgirl. :grin:


I had a friend whose kids both had birthdays shortly after Christmas…they celebrated with family on actual bday and celebrated with friends on their half birthday. They got to have the party in the summer and it was easier financially on the parents


I second the cops and donuts theme!

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I feel ya, 3 birthdays in May, my 2 girls are 4 days shy of exactly 5 years apart and my bf is exactly a week after the first bday. May is looney tunes in this house! I push the 2 girls into one party but I combine decor and 2 separate cakes so they get what they each want. I like the cops and donuts theme!

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As for theme…could try a first responder… cop and firefighter type theme

All three, yes three of my children are born in March. Oldest March 3rd, youngest March 7th, middle March 13th. My youngest was born this year, we had a 12th and 10th birthday parties and a baby in the middle. It was brutal, and I was unhappy and uncomfortable at the parties. I also questioned my sanity. If I had to do it again, I would have pushed that parties back. Baby was a new born and I was trying to get to know him with a ton of kids running around and it took a lot out of me! Don’t feel bad mumma, you need to heal and take care of you too!


Haha well we did my son’s AND daughter’s birthday on Thanksgiving when we traveled to tn :joy: nov3rd for my daughter and nov26th for my son. Ive never done a theme, because i let my kids choose and my daughter always just wants to go to skyzome woth friends or to the resort in kittyhawk

Combine with firefighter. Contact your local police and fire to find out if they could do a visit.

Do what ever is best for your family.

I don’t have any ideas as far as the birthday party goes, but my oldest’s birthday was 7 days before my second was due. We did something small for her on the day of her birthday, but pushed the actual party until September. It’s not wrong to push the party’s back…you don’t want to do anything to harm your recovery. I’m now due in July with my third and I’ve told my two older ones that we probably won’t be having a party for them this year and if we do, it’s just going to be small.

He wants cops so do cops and criminal

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I have a december baby 5 days after xmas I celebrate it on his day. Some people will celebrate a few days after their kids beat due to time and finance but a whole month or two… That’s too much

Could always do “Police & Princess” party. The boys could all dress up like police officers and the girls could dress up like a princess. My brother and I are both November, and have done a party like this before. It’s totally cute. And there’s nothing wrong with pushing their party until February. It would give people opportunity to grab or make their kids a costume. Also if your kids went as a cop and a princess for Halloween you’d save on their party outfit.


My daughter birthday is dec 26th and my son is feb 20th the first 2 years my daughter had her own party and we would take the tree out of the living room for that day but it was just too much work. Eventually I just made a cake for her day saved a christmas gift for her to open and took her to lunch. Then on her brother birthday they had a shared party since they were only a year apart they pretty much had the same friends.

One of my sons was born Jan. 7th and a lot of times I had to combine his birthday with his brothers in February because with 6 kids we had no money left after xmas. Plus we could do a nice party in February because we got our taxes back

i can only answer B but paw patrol!? kind of safe-good-service oriented?!


Girl I have 4 kids and I literally but a few decorations and cake and invite a few family members over on their actual bdays I don’t do big blow it’s anymore

Have the theme party for your son, then just do a simple caje and ice cream party for your daughter. She’s young she won’t care or remember.


My kids are July 4th and 5th. 6 years apart. We’ve always just did one big party with two themes if any theme at all.

You can push a big party until March. My daughter’s bday is Feb 25 and we do a big bash in April/May bc it’s nice out. Lol
We do cake, a few gifts, cupcakes for school…but a bbq or park party is more her thing and I am NOT hanging at a park in February. Lol

My birthday is New Year’s Eve and it has always bothered me that nothing is done until much later even now that I am 36 it’s still upsetting since everyone else gets their birthdays either on the day or the Saturday of the same week.


Call your neighborhood police lies in and ask them if they have any suggestions. You might even get lucky enough for a real policeman to make an appearance at the party.


You dont even have to do a party. Get each a small cake (or make them yourself) and some ice cream…Maybe just invite the grandparents and have dinner. Kids dont need a huge party every year, its very costly and when you have multiple children its even more so.


I wouldn’t push the birthday party back more than a week or 2

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I would suggest a “community helper” party.

Maybe everyone come dressed as their favorite community helper??

IE: Firefighter, Police Officer, Doctor, Nurse, Etc…

Not everyone may agree but what I have done bc I have two in beginning of March and one in April all within a month of each other is do cake and some balloons on their actual bday and then had a combo party outside for all of them when it was warmer and I had more money together. Let them each pick a theme for their cake on their bday day and then at the party I did a luau party and did smash cakes in their theme and cupcakes for the guests in the luau theme :slightly_smiling_face:

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So my youngest daughters birthday is October 3rd then my birthday is October 6th then my oldest daughters birthday is October 18th and I’m due again October 14th! The older one gets to pick what she wants usually a hotel somewhere which we push til spring sometimes. Then we just do little parties at home for the friends and family. I would definitely push it til later cuz then they actually get a party instead of half their Christmas gifts turn into birthday gifts lol. My husband and his oldest sisters birthdays are December 16th and 26th and he always bitches about getting screwed over on birthdays. So push it momma. Then they get a day all for them not surrounded by the holidays and you get a chance to save up a couple bucks and any big gifts you planned for Christmas can wait til then too

We pushed my 5 year olds birthday a month out because we closed on our new house 2 days prior. We had a football themed party the night of the SEC Championship game and she loved it. We also pushed my 2 year olds party a month out because she was sick with Strep. As far as theme Cops & Robbers or Cops & Frozen and it can be big brothers job to arrest Elsa for causing winter???

A.) I would say police themed party games, maybe call in advance and try to have a real police officer show off the police car to kiddos and talk to them.

B.) Police for him and Paw Patrol for her would go well together

C.) I mean yeah, the 8 year old will probably notice, but I would go with early February since you’re having a late December or early January baby

My daughter was born on my birthday. I never get recognized lol. I would do a combined party for kids though. Cops can be for both boy and girl.

My youngest son’s birthday is December 26th. We have always waited until the 1st weekend of the new year to have a party for him. He gets a small cake and present on his actual birthday but we wait on the “party”. He likes it because then people can’t say Christmas and birthday present is “combined”. He is 12 and has never known any different and enjoys getting 2 days just for him.

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I have Irish twins my first is Jan 20th and my second is Jan 18 when my 2nd was born I waited til mid Feb to do her 1st bday party. No shame, its hard. Why not make her party donuts :joy: Thats what I did this past year for my girls Hobby Lobby has cute decorations for cheap! I had my 3rd a week before Thanksgiving so we literally had a donut party i only had donuts and drinks

You could do “lights and sirens” party which can be for boys or girls. Firetruck, police cars, ambulance. Maybe see if a local officer, or fire station will bring a vehichle. I’ve pushed back lots of parties. My kids are lined up Oct Nov Dec with Nov and Dec being only a week apart. No big deal! I also combined my older kids parties until they were like 10

I worked for so many years on my birthday that I don’t celebrate mine only worrying about my kids. Our sons is in February and my daughter’s is in July.we take them to a theme park every summer once school is out. Celebrate all of our birthdays with a day or weekend or week of nothing but fun