Bonus dad Christmas gift ideas?

Can we talk bonus parents for a second? I’m going through a rough divorce, left an abusive situation… we live with my boyfriend now (my child & I). We all tell each other we love each other, my boyfriend helps me with my child and dog so much more than my child’s dad. I’m wanting to surprise my boyfriend with a “bonus dad” gift from my child for a Christmas present but am pretty nervous. Has anyone gotten their significant other a gift like this? How does it get properly brought up? We’ve all talked about the terms before and stuff but idk


You are calling him a boy friend. How many boyfriends have came and gone? Think about how long he’s been in your child’s life. You really must think of your child more than the boy friend. If you were engaged a whole different thing. Have to be very careful with this so good luck.


Definitely get him a gift from child, my daughters had “other Mom” and she loved them as though she gave birth to them (I was raised by my Mom, not Mother). My suggestion is if child is old enough to pick something, go that route. Let your heart lead you.

Get him something that represents something he and your child do together or something the three of you do together as a family. Even something small will be meaningful for him!

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You’re possibly overthinking this. Ask your kid what present he’d like to get him. My husband only gets random gifts from his offspring because they choose the gifts. He got supermarket socks and a toblerone for his birthday. Or get something they could do together.

Your going thru a divorce, and already moved in with a “boyfriend”…GROW UP!!!

Stop focusing so much on the “bonus dad” aspect of the gift and think about him as a person instead.
What does he like? What would he appreciate? Do he and your son have activities they do together that you could center a gift around?
My oldest kiddo tends to pick shark themed gifts for his dad because they both love sharks. It’s something they share.