Boobs leaking at 33 weeks?

I need help I’m a first time mother and I’m 33 weeks pregnant my boobs started leaking so what does that mean??:thinking::thinking:


Your milk is coming or starting to come through


You should have no trouble on your end if breast feeding

It means your body is getting ready for your baby. Keep nipples washed & clean so they don’t crust over & block ducts. Looks like you will have milk ready when your little one gets here & ready to latch on & nurse. Yeah.


It means as a fist time dad that has been with my first time baby momma. You gots learning and lots of it. Babies are fun gross beautiful crazy cuddle monsters


that everything is normal.


Your milk is coming in

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My boobs have been leaking since…25 weeks lol

Its colostrum, not milk. Its normal due to hormones, and doesn’t mean labor is impeding, if that’s what you’re worried about. I was leaking at 4 months with my second. Colostrum is produced up until several days after the birth and is super nutritious for your baby.


Get a hakka and let your milk leak into it. Save the milk that does come out for baby. Just transfer it to a milk storage bag and then place in the freezer. You can also hand express into a bottle and put it in a milk storage to put in the freezer.

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Don’t express. It can bring on labour so unless a professional has told you. Don’t. Just use oats lovely. Feeding should go well for you :blush:


It means your pregnant and your about to have a baby In about 5-9 weeks , congrats


It’s normal lol I started leaking colostrum around… 25? Ish weeks ? And I panicked lol it’s a goldy colour. Your full milk should come in after the baby is born. Get pads or wear a bra you don’t care about that shit stains lol

Don’t worry, I’m 25 weeks 3 days and my boobs leak already.

Get a nursing bra and put pads in them your milk is coming in

It means your boobs are leaking lol don’t worry it’s all part and parcel

That’s good, that means there will be milk ready for baby, your boobs are doing great!!! Mine came in days after baby was born :unamused: but be careful about getting it out, can bring on labor which 33 is a bit early. Talk to your dr. Or just call a lactation office and get advice.

Mine have been leaking since 20 weeks

Don’t believe what most of these women are saying. It’s completely normal oh, you’re melting. It will only get worse over the next few weeks until you give birth to the baby and then you will be left in a horribly scarred and disfigured position in life

Its normal. Get some breast pads.

Your body is preparing for the baby to come :slight_smile:

My boobs still leaked once in a while 4years after my second was born

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It’s normal. It’s colostrum. It has extra antibodies and vitamins for baby’s first couple of days. Don’t pump or anything because you will be overloaded with milk. Lol. But use nursing pads.

It means your lactating .

It means you’re lactating ? Lol and that’s what supposed to happen

Do not pump. It’ll make you go into labor

you’re about to become a momma?:joy::joy:


It means you have boobs. And you are pregnant. Honestly it happens to everyone.


Your colostrum has came in. It’s what baby needs initially if you plan on breastfeeding. Get a nursing bra with some nursing pads to help hide the leaks. You can get washable ones or throw aways.


That’s good that means you’re producing colostrum for your baby if you choose to breastfeed

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It means your boobs are leaking. Thats it

It means you arent going in labor and dont use a pump cause you can cause contractions, just hand express it and freeze it if you want to so you can use it at the hospital. Other then that just means you have leaky boobs welcome to motherhood where soon you wont be able to potty by yourself. lol.

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Completely normal. That’s when I started leaking with my first pregnancy. Take it as a sign that everything with your pregnancy is going as planned.


In every persons life your body develops changes like puberty but this time it is in preperation for your new career as a mom. It is normal you can buy some breast pads ( i called them nipple towels with my wife) to protext your clothes but congratulations.

Means your getting your milk in… lol. It’s just your body preparing

They’re ready to feed your baby.

I would get a few books and start reading :weary:

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Lmaooo its totally normal I didn’t even leak because I never got breast milk but nothing to be concerned about I’d be more concerned if you weren’t

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